Toronto IT Subgroup Planning Meeting, April 13, 2023


Roy Philip (President)                                

Nuşin Brown (Secretary)                                       

Andrea Agh

Bill Sukloff                            

Judy Chow

Dave Darling                       

Yvonne Snaddon                                    

Absent:  Kevin MacEwen (Treasurer), Kajawathani Thalayasingam, Glen Horenblas, Mathieu Leblond

Welcome by Roy Philip at 6:15 pm. Everyone introduced themselves.

Officer Positions: Kevin MacEwen has stepped down from the Treasurer position and from the Committee. Positions were assigned as follows:


Judy Chow – VP, Andrea Agh – Treasurer, Nuşin Brown – Secretary.

Communications and Membership Officer position to be offered to Mathieu Leblond.

Signing officers to be Judy, Roy, Andrea, and Bill. Previous signing officers Yvonne, Mike and Kevin will have to be removed.

Finance: We will apply for the 2023 allotment. An IT Subgroup AGM needs to be held in 2023.

Action Item: Roy to work with Kevin and Andrea to apply for the 2023 allocation.

Subgroup AGM: Planning has begun for a September date, scoping out the best venue to attract members.  Tentative dates are September 27th or October 5th

Action Items:

  • Roy to liaise with Stan Buday to confirm a suitable date.
  • Yvonne to check with the Legion on Spring Garden Road for a possible AGM venue.

Bargaining Update - Yvonne:  The bargaining session that took place March 21-23, 2023, started with a comprehensive offer from the employer.  The union countered with their own comprehensive offer on the last day of the session. Both parties remain hopeful for the next session in May. Tentative dates have been set for June if needed. Three other smaller unions have settled, however, there were concessions. A trend was not set. PSAC is in a legal strike position.

Yvonne made a motion to support strike action and show solidarity to fellow PSAC members on strike, to allocate up to $100 to purchase coffee and snacks per executive member, per picket line event. Judy seconded the motion. Motion was carried.

IT Group AGM: Invitations for the national IT Group AGM to be held on June 3, 2023, have been sent out to IT members. Regional reps look for delegates; selection criteria are based on how active a member is, if they are a steward, what they may gain by being a delegate etc.

Bargaining Information Sessions: We will wait until after the May bargaining session to hold member information sessions. Bargaining dates will be May 15-19, 2023. Mid-June would be good timing.

Tentative dates are June 14th at Environment Canada and June 16th at 4900 Yonge, for in-person sessions, and June 21st for two zoom sessions, to be held at noon and 7 pm.

Action Items:

  • Tentative dates for retirement sessions are June 6, 7 or 8. Nuşin to contact RPI for an available date and get Eventbrite info to manage member registrations.
  • Nuşin to share a google calendar with the subgroup Executive.
  • Dave to contact Planta to ask if a private room is available to set up the May meeting.
  • Roy to email PIPSC membership to request an up-to-date subgroup member list.
  • Bill to look into bowling venues for a member engagement event.

Other Business:

  • Roy attended the Subgroup Presidents meeting along with the national IT Group Executive on March 31st and April 1st in Victoria.
  • A YouTube video is available for Concur training.
  • IT Group promo items to be discussed at the next meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Next meeting will be on May 25th, location TBD.