Annual General Meeting of the Statistics Canada CS Sub-group - Minutes - June 12, 2018

Approval of the agenda for the meeting as Amended – Tony Goddard

Mover: Shannon Blaney
Seconded by: Jenny Bougie
Motion carried

Approval of the 2017 AGM minutes – Tony Goddard

Mover: Don Whiting
Seconded by: Greg Bell
Motion carried

Introduction of the executive members – Tony Goddard

  • Tony Goddard
    President of the CS Sub-Group
  • Don Whiting
  • Robert Hébert
  • Mary Religa
  • Tanya Scheel
    Member at-large
  • Greg Bell
    Member at-large
  • Shannon Blaney
    Member at-large
  • John Meier
    Member at-large
  • John Dorion
    Member at-large

President’s Report – Tony Goddard

  • See Appendix A

2017 Financial Report – Robert Hébert

Mover: Jenny Bougie
Seconded by: Sarah Horton
Motion carried

Budgets 2018 (revised) & 2019 – Robert Hébert

The 2018 budget is presented for information only
Mover for the approval of the 2019 budget: John Meier
Seconded by: Shannon Blaney
Motion carried

Elections – Mary Religa

Members whose mandate was up for re-election:

  • Tony Goddard  (President)
  • Don Whiting 
  • Shannon Blaney
  • Tanya Scheel
  • John Meier
  • John Dorion

Nominations for President received:

  • Tony Goddard - accepted

No other nominations for President. Tony Goddard elected by acclamation.

Nominations for member-at-large received:

  • Don Whiting - accepted
  • Shannon Blaney - accepted
  • Tanya Scheel - accepted
  • John Meier - accepted
  • Nasreen Sultana - accepted

7 positions were available.  5 positions elected by acclamation.

Question Period

Q1: Mark Fortier asked about the overall feeling of the new CS promotion process.

Tony will be meeting with HR to discuss the last 2 processes.  Tony noted that there are problems with successful candidates (on the list) not being aware of opportunities until a position is announced as filled.  There is little transparency.

Q2: Jenny Boogie asked for more information about the new sick policy.

Tony indicated that the highlights he spoke to in his president’s address was all for now as the details are still to be worked out.  As more information becomes available he will let the members know. 
Q3: Mark Fortier asked what the executive planned in terms of events to spend the money alloted to the subgroup.

Tony reiterated that ideas need to come from the members and that events are being talked about for the fall.

Door Prizes

10 - $50 gift cards


  • Angela Morvai
  • Angela Heath
  • Nasreen Sultana
  • Bo Peng
  • Maria Lozano
  • Mary Religa
  • Jenny Bougie
  • Tony Goddard
  • Benjamin Eng
  • Sarah Horton

Motion to Adjourn – Tony Goddard

Mover: Tanya Scheel
Seconded by: Denis Robitaille
Motion carried