St. John’s CS Subgroup Executive Meeting

The Rock

October 12, 2021 at 5:30 pm

Present: Gerard Grace, Ruth Grace, James Vey, Christine Ledrew, Craig Butler, Lucille Shears, Tracey Locke, Clayton Long

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Christin Ledrew

Motion to adopt agenda presented by Ruth Grace, James Vey seconded – All in favour motion carried

Review and motion to accept St. John’s subgroup previous meeting minutes

Tracey Locke presented motion to accept, Clayton Long seconded – All in favour motion carried

Finance Update – Christine Ledrew

In Sherry’s absence, Christine presented an update on our finances (balances, expenses, etc.). We currently have $X in the bank.

Our mask order is due for payment and will come out at a later date.

Swag Inventory - Christine Ledrew

We currently have masks in stock.

Looking for ideas for other items to purchase but will probably hold off until the CS to IT conversion is completed.

Subgroup AGM

Covid restrictions and vaccine requirements may still have an impact on attendance.

Christine Ledrew presented a motion to hold an in person the AGM in January or February. Gerard Grace seconded the motion. – All in favour motion carried

Christine Ledrew presented a motion to hold a virtual for all members on November 25th. A Tim Horton’s gift card will be provided to each attendee. Craig Butler seconded the motion. – All in favour motion carried

Mandatory Vaccinations

We are awaiting more guidance from PIPSC for in person meetings

New Business

CS to IT conversion – Lucille Shears

It is moving along. Advance notices are out. APN will be out in December. The process should be completed by the end of December.

Bargaining Update – Lucille Shears

New negotiator, J.P Leduc, was the negotiator for AFS group

Highly regarded negotiator and looking forward to negotiations.

A notice to bargain will be presented in the next two months

Rob Scott is the bargaining officer.

Atlantic Updates – Christine Ledrew

Stewards Council – October 22, 2021

Limited to 75 participants, including the regional executive

Regional executive training scheduled for November in Halifax.

Let Christine know if you are interested in attending.

Tree Planting

PIPSC initiative in conjunction with Trees Canada

November 13-14 – 125 trees will be planted at Paradise Elementary.

Christmas Social

If Covid restrictions permit, the branch hopes to hold an in person Christmas social. It is tentatively set for Thursday December 09, 2021.

Round Table

CS Executive National two day standing meeting – Lucille will attended virtually. There was a good bargaining how-to session.

Action Items

Jay to book venue for next Executive meeting – November 09, 2021

Motion to adjourn – Clayton Long, Lucille Shears seconded. All in Favour – motion carried

Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM