Montana’s Restaurant - St. John’s

February 10, 2020 at 5:00 pm


Present: Gerard Grace, Clayton Long, Ruth Grace, Sherry Brown, James Vey, Christine Ledrew, Steve Dillon, Craig Butler, Mike Lester, Lucille Shears,

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Steve Dillon

Motion to adopt agenda presented by Sherry Brown, Christine Ledrew seconded

Review and motion to accept St. John’s subgroup previous meeting minutes

Gerard Grace presented motion to accept, James Vey seconded


Finance Update – Sherry  

Sherry presented and update on our finances (balances, expenses, etc)

New Business

More active role in planning events (Steve)

We need more participation in organizing onsite and all events in the future. We require more input from members at meeting sites.

Executive Meeting Schedule (Steve Dillon)

We should try to schedule 3 tentative dates to allow for more flexibility in peoples times. After some discussion , Tuesdays and Thursdays appear to be the best options.


National Executive Bargaining update – (Lucille)

Next National Cs Executive meeting is February 19, 2020 and there will be mobilization training the same week.. This will be geared around NOC/ROC.


Tentative date for the PIC is sometime in May.

NOC / ROC – (Christine)

In preparation for bargaining there will be show your colours days in the office.

March 20, 2020

April 17,2020

May 22,2020

June 19, 2020


Branch Christmas Party Contribution.

It was agreed that 200.00 would be contributed towards the branch Christmas party.


PIPSC 100th Anniversary

There are still some events planned for the next two moths.

100th anniversary coffee break, we may look to organize one for March 20th

Subgroup AGM

A general voting (YES or NO) email should be sent to members asking if they would attend an evening subgroup AGM.

We are considering the last week of April for this years subgroup AGM.


CS Member Event

Jay will research bowling as a possible option – possible April 4th or 5th.


Business Arising / Action Items

Steve – Email sent to members regarding evening AGM

Jay – CS Member Bowling Event


Round Table


Tentative dates for next two Executive meetings are Thursday April 10th and Thursday September 17t

Motion to adjourn – Clayton , Lucille seconded.