IT (formerly CS) Quinte Subgroup Executive Meeting - April 2nd, 2024

Location: Tomasso’s, Trenton

Executives in Attendance:

Bevin Stephenson               President

Deb Butler                             Vice President

Kevin Brunet                         Treasurer

Hazra Hosein                        Secretary

Dan Weaver                          Member-at-Large

Lisa Shears                           Member-at-Large

Jamie Buell                           Member-at-Large

Denise Martin                       Member-at-Large

Shelley Shanessy                Member-at-Large



Michael Fisher                      Member-at-Large

Zarin Bari                               Member-at-Large


Action By

  1. Opening Remarks – 5:45 pm


  1. Approval of Agenda

           Moved – Bevin Stephenson

           Seconded – Deb Butler

           All in favour. Carried


  1. Approval of Minutes
    - To be done Secretarially

Oct 23 – Amended and Jan 23
– Approved AIF - Carried


  1.  Business Arising From The Minutes:  

            No new business


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    - Presented
    -  Deb reminded us the we can request $XXX from the group to fund events



  1. Event – May (2024)- Deferred to September
     - Combined outdoor event tentatively May 25th – Zwicks Park, Belleville
    - Family event
    - Pizza Lunch
    - Speaker?


  1. Lunch N Learn
    Update given by Bevin Stephenson
    - Was recommended to have 4 sessions per year;
     2 - Trenton 2 – Belleville. Dates to be confirmed.


  1. New Business:  IT Group Awards, submissions due 15 Apr

(IT Group Steward Recognition Award,
- Unsung Hero Award, Martine Léveillé Outstanding Achievement Award, + PIPSC:
-  Citation, Service, Life Membership, President’s Achievement, Gold Medal. 


  1. General Question / Round Table 


  1. Next Meeting (Feb, June, AGM, Sep, Dec + 1 discretionary)
     - AGM – June 20
    - Venue Fairfield Inn, Belleville or 413 Wing Base ----TBA
    - Food TBA
    - Speaker – Stan Buday
    - Guests – Stan Buday and Yvonne Snaddon



Bevin Stephenson motioned to adjourn at 7:30 pm