The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Meeting minutes (2023-11-07)


Present: Beverley, Bobson, Daniel, Nancy, Zhidan

Absent: Liming, Steve

Start time: 18:20
End time: 20:10

Approval of the agenda

MOTION To adopt the agenda.  M/S Nancy, Zhidan. CARRIED.

Approval of the minutes

Meeting minutes from October 5, 2023 are to be reviewed by Bobson, Nancy, and Zhidan following today’s meeting.  [NOTE from Secretary January 12 2024 - the October meeting minutes were subsequently approved online after the meeting was held]

President’s report

  • “Confronting Anti-Asian Oppression In Canada” awareness campaign will be rolled out by PIPSC.
  • Still waiting update on 3,000 grievances that will be cancelled when new Collective Agreement is signed.
  • Lunch & Learn info sessions to be organized by ITOWSG prior to ratification voting.

Treasurer’s report

  • Communication allowance check for Q3 is still owed to Nancy.
  • Toques repurchase is to be reimbursed by PIPSC in 2024. They will be distributed at the Lunch & Learns.
  • On the books, it is showing $25,408.82, but the bank account statement is showing $26,745.11 as of October 31, 2023.

Existing business updates

Executive shirt/jackets

  • Beverley: Costco does not carry any plain-coloured shirts. They have fleeces, though. Steve prefers to have a pocket. Jackets are a possibility, but they will cost more. The budget is $150 per executive member. L.L.Green charges $99 per shirt—not including printing or embroidery; too expensive. Everyone is free to search for shirts. Light-green or light-yellow is preferred; just no dark-blue or black. Another option: a vest costs $17.99 at Costco.

Executive training

  • Bobson: Date has been set for Saturday, November 18, 2023.

Vacation calendar

  • Bobson: Done, but Daniel has some feedback for modifications.

Bank signature card

  • Daniel: Another signature card for BMO is to be signed by Bobson and Steve.

Toque purchase

  • Daniel: Items have been received and are being stored at PIPSC headquarters. Invoice and receipt have been uploaded to shared drive.

Printed reusable bags

  • Zhidan: Supplier that he contacted does not have any reusable bags.
  • Printing costs would have been $14 or $15 (taxes in) for the logo.
  • Beverley found bags for $4.03 each with a minimum quantity of 100. $65 for setup fee. All in favour of ordering 150 red lumberjack bags. [Note from Secretary February 12 2024:  This purchase was voted on and approved in this meeting].

Lunch & learn plans

  • Daniel: Presentation slides to be provided by PIPSC. Once Daniel receives them, we will have an opportunity to preview them.
  • 3 prime locations: Skyline, DND Carling campus, and RCMP campus in Barrhaven.
  • Nancy said DND campus has most employees in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and they sell good food. November 21, 22, or 23 are acceptable dates.
  • At Skyline, November 24 is the tentative date. No need for two separate sessions if session is held in the cafeteria.
  • Daniel: For bowling, to be decided whether guest should be an adult or child. It’s possible we may need to postpone this until January 2024.

Action items

  • Bobson to send out reminder emails for executive training.
  • Zhidan to double-check if keycards will work for Tower 3 employees to access Tower 2. Beverley said Tower 1 employees have had difficulty accessing other parts of the campus.
  • Daniel: Find dates for bowling.
  • Zhidan: Find dates for dinner at Marconi Centre. Cost would be $75 per person. Total budget is roughly $3,000.
  • Executive members to test if will work for Q&As and polling for IT ratification.

Round table

No new topics.