Welcome and call to order

Land Acknowledgement

The Chair, Lucienne Bahaud, called the meeting to order at 7:05.  She greeted everyone and read the land acknowledgement.  She also read the PIPSC Equity statement

Word from the chair

Lucienne introduced the parliamentarian, Mark Muench, the elections committee (Zul Nanji and Chris L’Estrange) and IT Group VP Pierre Touchette.

Approval of the Agenda

Moved by:  Stacy McLaren    Second by:  Michael Vincent 

Approval of agenda as amended  CARRIED



  1.  Addition:  Discussion of 2022 and 2023 Budgets and 2019,  2020 and 2021 Financial reports under the Financial statements and budgets.


Approval of the Minutes

Moved by:  Stacy McLaren Second by:  Nino Mangione

Approval of the minutes as amended:  CARRIED


Amendments:  Spelling mistakes to be fixed.

Financial statements and budget

Moved by:   Nino Mangione Second by: 

Electronic copy attached to email submission of minutes


2019,  2020 and 2021 Financial reports 

2019 - Moved by Nino Mangione and Second by Michael Vincent CARRIED

Nino was asked questions on overages that were noted by a member which he answered. 


2020 - Moved by Nino Mangione and Second by Michael Vincent

Nino was asked questions on variance of money noted between line items.  The variance was a line item. 


Motion to refer to the next subgroup executive meeting for explanation to clarify variance and update the statement which is to be provided to membership via email.  Moved by Blair Mason, Second by Lisa Chau.  Discussion of how this would be done.  Motion carried and financial statement was referred


2021 - Moved by Nino Mangione and Second by Michael Barriman


Clarification raised about a variance of $500 from line 21 of 2021 financial statement and that the $512 was lunch and learn budgets on line 23.



2022 and 2023 Budgets


2022 Budget:  Moved by Nino Mangione Second by Daniel Shen  CARRIED


Question raised on whether or not this budget needed to wait until new executive elected.  Clarification was given and the motion went to a vote.


2023 Budget:  Moved by Nino Mangione Second by Beverley Miranda  CARRIED


Question raised as to whether or not the budget needs to be decided on by executive and clarification was given that the AGM votes on the budget.





Elections to be held for positions


President:  2 years Nominated : Michael Vincent, Daniel Shen, Beverley Miranda(declined nomination)  Elected:  Daniel Shen


Vice President:  1 year Nominated:  Michael Vincent (declined), Beverley Miranda, Brandon Wilson Elected:  Beverley Miranda


Secretary:  2 years Nominated:  Steve Anderson  Acclaimed


Treasurer: 1 year  Nominated:  Blair Mason  Nino Mangione Elected: Blair Mason


Members at Large (4 for 2 years, 3 for one year)

Nominated:  Charles Dugas, Brandon Wilson (declined), Junaid Fazal, Sylvia Suska, Lisa Chau, Zhidan Guan, Stephen Tabah (declined)  All acclaimed, Lisa Chau took 1 year





Moved by Stacy McLaren CARRIED