CSOWSG Policy on Cellular Accounts - Final


This document is to be brought before the CS Ottawa West Subgroup executive to amend and formalize the policy used by the subgroup in providing its members reimbursement for cellular accounts used to conduct union business.


When the subgroup was initially formed a decision was made by the inaugural executive that it would provide devices and cellular accounts to the Steering Committee (President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary) members so that they could do union business during working hours without the use of the employer’s network or equipment. At that time the majority opted for the use of iPads and make use of Bell Canada’s iPad promotion which offered a data only service of 1GB per month for $20 + HST. Monthly bills were to be submitted to the subgroup treasurer for reimbursement. Members who exceeded the 1GB were expected to absorb the additional billing out of pocket. The subgroup also continued to allow members to keep union owned devices, even though they were no longer elected to the Steering Committee, and to reimburse them for their cellular costs.

Since that time some new Steering Committee members have elected to use devices other than iPads. Another change which has occurred is that some members have elected to use a different approach to obtaining data primarily by combining it with their other cellular offerings in bundles. This has created an accounting problem for the Treasurer in that bills provided for claims cannot be reconciled against the checks written.

Proposed Resolution:

Be it resolved:

  1. That Steering Committee members be entitled up to 1000$ for a Cellular device, once every 5 years.
  2. That Steering Committee members be entitled to a Cellular Allowance of $22.60 per month equivalent to $20 + HST except in the case where the member is being reimbursed by another PIPSC constituent body.
  3. That the Steering Committee Cellular Allowance be paid quarterly in advance beginning the first Quarter after the device is acquired. Payments are made January, April, July, and October
  4. That upon leaving the Steering Committee, but remaining a member of the Subgroup Executive a member is entitled to keep their union owned device and may continue to receive their Cellular Allowance.
  5. That upon leaving the Subgroup Executive the Quarterly Allowance payments will stop at the end of the current quarter and the union owned device must be returned or purchased.
  6. For the purpose of Purchase, it is 1$ or the remainder of the cost of the device after write-off whichever is greater.
  7. The device is written off at the rate of 1/3 of the purchase cost each January following the purchase. 


By converting cellular costs from an expense to be reimbursed to an allowance will simplify the Treasure’s responsibility. Also we now explicitly state ownership of any union purchased devices and the responsibility of the holder upon termination of membership in the subgroup.