CS Ottawa West SubGroup

2nd Executive Meeting - 2018-08-17

Location - Summerhays Grill 1971 Baseline Road

Nino Mangione;
Brandon Wilson;
Rachel Wang;
Catherine Keir;
Scott Rawlings;
Tamara Critch;
Christine Gardner;
Daniel Shen;
Beverly Miranda;
Michael Vincent,  and Van-Anh Nguyen

Meeting was called to order 8AM

Communication Device Plan Policy discussion

The Executive further reviewed and discussed the proposed policy on cellular accounts and came to an agreement the final attached CSOWSG Cellular Accounts policy. 


The Treasurer, Michael Vincent, was absent from the meeting, therefore, a financial update was not provided.

New Communications Officer Role

The Executive further discussed the Communications Officer role and the belief this position was part of the original Executive. At the time of the meeting, the CS Ottawa-West Sub-group Constitution By-Laws were not available on the PIPSC website. Nino Mangione was tasked to contact PIPSC to obtain a copy of the By-laws and will be discussed again at our next meeting.

IT Classification

There was a discussion brought forward, by Daniel Shen, of the new IT Classification and the missing information provided by Treasury Board. Specifically required education and core duties. It was agreed that this topic would require vigilant monitoring.

Lunch and Learns

Beverly Miranda – Topic: Cannabis

Beverly Miranda – Topic: Welcome Coffee for RCMP

Daniel Shen – Topic: IT Classification Change

Tamara Critch – Topic: EWSP

Meeting was adjourned at 9 am.

Next meeting

No date was set for the next meeting.

Submitted by – Tamara Critch