(Translated from French)

Minutes of the Montérégie CS Sub-Group Executive Meeting

Date: March 21, 2022

Location: Zibo, Dix30


Giovanni Giolti, President

Jean-Francois Beaumont, Vice President

Frédéric Émond, Treasurer

Fethi Boutaleb, Secretary (Absent)

Nathalie Tremblay, Director

Francis Beaudoin, Director


Guests: N/A


  1. Call to Order

G. Giolti: The Chair welcomed the members of the Executive at 6:40 p.m. and thanked them for accepting the invitation and for the opportunity to meet in person.


  1. Approval of the Agenda

G. Giolti: The Chair proposed two additions to the agenda.

  • Change the name of the subgroup after the change of the Group?
  • Signing of the documents for the finances.

The amendments were seconded by F. Émond.

The agenda was adopted as amended.


  1. Review and Approval of the 2020-10-20 Minutes

The minutes were approved unanimously.


  1. Membership status:
      • Fethi Boutaleb had to give up the position of secretary due to health problems. We all wish him a good recovery.
      • G. Giolti asked for volunteers to take care of the position. N. Tremblay and F. Beaudoin offered to take on this role, but are worried about the tasks and their inexperience. G. Giolti proposed to accompany the two members during this period. Nathalie will take the role first and Francis will follow up to get used to the steps.



  1. Mobilization
      • ROC (Regional Organizing Committee): The Chair mentioned that he is currently occupying that role, but that he would like to have an Executive member take it on. J.-F. Héroux questions the role’s tasks and agrees to take it on.
        1. G. Giolti will send the mobilization request to J.-F. Héroux. He will inform the group of the new ROC for Montérégie.
      • Next negotiation dates:
        1. The next negotiation session will be held between April 5 and 7, 2022.


  1. Date of return to the workplace:
      • CSA: May 2, 2022: if they do not have a telework agreement. Hybrid mode available.
      • DND: gradual return for most employees: 1 day/week. People don’t have telework agreements.
      • Health: N/A
      • NRCAN: Hybrid mode under discussion. Members of the IT group are working from home, but they have access to the location if needed. They also removed most of the assigned offices.


  1. Activities (Dinner/Mobilization)
      • Too early to organize activities.
      • N. Tremblay will look for a small gift (between $5 and $10) for the return to the office of some of our members. She’ll do some research and get back to us in a week or two. She will send the details to the President.


  1. Update on finances with Frédéric.
      • F. Émond presented the spreadsheet for the current year. The AGM is the event that has been paid for and has significantly decreased our account balance. F. Émond mentioned that the President should make the request as soon as possible if we want to support events/mobilization.
        1. G. Giolti will submit the spreadsheet and apply for funds.


  1. Roundtable:
      • F. Beaudoin, N. Tremblay, F. Émond, G. Giolti: nothing to add.
      • J.-F. Héroux: He finds the retirement webinar on the Institute’s website lacking in content for the situations experienced within DND.


  1. Next Meeting: June 13, 2022. The venue is to be determined.


  1. Adjournment of the meeting: The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.


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