The meeting started at noon. Quorum was met.

Our National President, Debi Daviau, sent her regrets but Sean O'Reillly stepped up to the plate and did a great job with his welcoming remarks.

The motion to adopt the 2017 agenda was requested by the current President of the Sub-group with apologies for not having a copy given the fact that the Outlook account is no longer available given the cost. It was briefly outlined with the elections, chaired by Stephan Aubrey, and the AGM successfully filled the positions required by the Sub-group.

It passed, the motion was accepted and seconded.

There was no new business from the 2017 AGM.

The Presidential report is as follows. I attended the Quebec City Sub-group President's meeting and then in Toronto for our National AGM. The Sub-group proudly donated to the annual "posting party" which has been blessed by Mother PIPSC as it isn't a charitable organization. We gained huge face for a small amount to money.

The financial report: it has been reported has been to the Institute just today so we can get our annual financial

The elections were held. All volunteers will meet in the very near future to accept the positions needed by the Sub-group.

Further remark/New business: Sean O'Reilly fully briefed the membership and answered all questions posed with regards to the new IT classification coming at the CS's, - don't hold your breath on that one. He also brought up the bargaining of the contract which is due Dec.21. Yes, this year. Again, don't hold your breath.

Yes, the years are getting tougher and we need to fight harder!

Shirley Gillette, President, ret'd

NCR GAC CS Sub-group