IT Group Executive Meeting


30 March 2023, 09h00 – 17h00 (Pacific time)

Delta Hotels by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort

Pacific Boardroom




Present: Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Yvonne Snaddon, Tamara Critch, Deb Butler, Rob Scott, Tony Goddard, Stéphane Aubry, Karim Chaganni, Patricia Williams, Steven Fréchette, Denis Caissy, JP Leduc (staff), Robert Seguin (staff)

Regrets: Lucille Shears

  1. Welcome: At 09h09 Stan welcomed the members to Victoria, BC – a destination for the Newly Wed and Nearly Dead. After the meeting, we will have a Meet & Greet with the local subgroup members at 16h00; thank you to Efrain & Curtis for setting that up. Also please welcome the newly appointed executive member, Denis Caissy, who has agreed to complete Robert Tellier’s term. 


  1. Adoption of Agenda


Moved: Tony Goddard    Seconded: Pierre Touchette

THAT the agenda be accepted as presented.



  1. Approval of Minutes of Last meetings


Moved: Tony Goddard    Seconded: Deb Butler

THAT the minutes of 27 January & 17 February 2023 (combined meeting)  be accepted as presented.



Moved: Tony Goddard    Seconded: Deb Butler

  1. THAT the minutes of 24 February 2023 be accepted as presented.



  1. Business Arising from the minutes:
  1. Eventbrite to assist in organizing the Saturday afternoon event. (Karim,Stéphane,Lucille) Completed and approx. 120 members have registered. Not used for the Sat afternoon event at Butchart Gardens.


  1. Draft a letter to the BoD expressing our disappointment with the direction of the YPC Symposium. (Stan, Yvonne)
    • On going - Yvonne and Stan have been discussing this issue with the National Committee members and expressing our concerns and disappointment.
    • Stephane – we should present a motion at the AGM to change the direction of the BoD and National Committee(s) to include Group Representation.


ACTION: Stephane has volunteered to draft the motion to include Group representation at the BoD and BoD Committees. (Stephane)


  1. Draft a budget to send one IT member to the YPC Symposium. (Stan,Yvonne) On going – will try to fit in today


MOVED: Yvonne Snaddon SECONDED: Stan Buday

THAT we send one YPC member (from Vancouver) for 3 nights to the YPC at an approximate cost of $2,000 to attend the Symposium in Vancouver.


  1. Contact the PRQC for an update on IT Professional designations. (Karim) – Karim is sending emails to the new committee members.


  1. Contact Butchart Gardens for group rates and ask them for a suggestion on a transportation service (coach) to move our group from the hotel to the gardens and return. (Stan) Completed.


  1. Liasse with Kiavash (PIPSC Communications) on Jenn Carr’s behalf to develop a communication to members on RTO. (JP) JP has spoken with Kiavash and stressed the importance of keeping the communication going and will follow up to prevent some of the fallout expected after April 1st.

Karim – expect a mass influx of emails with questions on the RTO and member concerns on exceptions.


ACTION: JP to follow up with Kiavash on the RTO communications. (JP)

  1. Prepare a communication to members and arrange to post the awards information on the websites (Group & PIPSC) (Tony) The new policy has been posted on the Group website and an application form has been developed and posted there as well. Working on a communication to all members and a posting on the PIPSC website.


  1. Ask Linda R to investigate a possible Executive meeting in Montreal on May 13th. (Stan) We now have approval for an IT Executive Meeting at the Delta Hotel in Montreal on May 13, 2023.
  2. Contact the PIPSC Mailroom to see if we can coordinate mailing SWAG from PIPSC. (Pierre) Pierre communicated with the PIPSC mailroom and has determined that this is not feasible at the present time due to staffing levels on-site at PIPSC. 
  3. Finalize an email to members and send it after being given the go ahead by Pierre. (Stan, JP) – not logistically possible from PIPSC Mailroom due to shortage of on-site staff. Pierre and Manon have developed a google form to send out to stewards with pictures to determine shirt sizes, etc. …. If you have recommendations for improvements, please let Pierre know. Let the SGP know we will be distributing through them, and the Exec. Pierre advised Patricia that any requests she has she should forward the info to Pierre for action. Yvonne – yoga mats – at the PIPSC office. Discussion around IT shirt colours and consensus was attained: Navy blue and white is good for all.


  1. Standing Items / Points permanents
    1. Bargaining Update (Rob & JP)

IT Bytes 11 is ready and has just been sent to Tony for posting on the IT Group website. We have updated the Exec, SGP & SBC. We are near the limits on our pay proposals (inflation) and SBC was not very interested in revising the limitations – the ToR and solidarity agreements allow us to contact the Institute President for waiving the limitations IF that position presents itself. We are waiting to see how PSAC negotiations and strike positions develop. The presentation has been updated with revised speaking notes. Next SBC is on June 5th.


    1. Strategic Planning Update & Review – We will review these presentations when we discuss final arrangements for the Subgroup Presidents’ Meeting.


    1. Visibility (Pierre) Already discussed under items 4.i & j.


  1. New Business
  1. Subgroup Presidents’ Meeting (Stan & Rob)

All presentations and final details were reviewed and completed.


  1. Reports (see the Reports folder attached to this meeting directory)
    1. President (Stan) Report will be posted on the Group drive this evening.
    2. Vice-President (Pierre) – Most items discussed under Visibility.
  • Stan will communicate with Jenn Carr about the CLC application process.
  • TBS has made a change about exclusions – All IT-05 are excluded; Pierre always challenges the IT-04 exclusions.
  • Bylaw changes – if we have any bylaw amendments, we need them within the next 2 weeks so they can be reviewed by the Executive then posted for members before the AGM. Yvonne spoke to BL changes identified by the last Elections Committee. Stephane volunteered to join the Bylaws Committee.


    1. Treasurer (Deb) Report submitted to Drive.
    2. Steering Committee & Secretary (Tony) No Steering committee meeting to report. All Executive minutes continue to be translated and posted in a timely manner - nothing more to report.
    3. Bargaining (Rob/JP)  See Bargaining Update #11
    4. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Deb)  hope to have a NOC steering via Zoom before May bargaining.                                                  
    5. Communications (Tony) Website is being updated regularly. If any Executive have something to post on the website, please submit it to Tony.
    6. Subgroup Officer (Lucille) SGP Meeting tomorrow.
    7. Steward Officer (Steven) - spoke with Linda Thompson about Steward resignations – lots are retired – if no answer after 3 notices, they are marked as resigned. Steven sent extra message to about 15 “resigned” stewards and only got 1 answer that they were too busy and no longer interested. Ask for Steward drive. 


ACTION: Are RAND-Y receiving IT bytes?? (Tony) 

ACTION: Draft a special IT Bytes with link to PIPSC application page. (Tony & Rob)


We need to do better when inviting Observers to our AGM, etc. Pair new people with an experienced member at AGMs etc. Stan suggests a week before AGM, membership officer conduct a Zoom with new attendees - 


    1. Membership Officer (Patricia) - 3 RAND drives so far this year – many issues reaching RANDS – many don’t want contact (RCMP) or email system blocks us. 20,166 IT members now – 12.8% RANDS down to 11.65% now. RAND drives every 3 months. Patricia prefers a face-to-face with new attendees – will include link to IT Bytes in next RAND letters.
    2. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer & Contracting Out Officer (LRCOCOO) (Yvonne) Reports submitted to Drive.
    1. ITYPC (Karim) No new info. Virtual meeting upcoming (before 13 April)


  1. Other Business – None.
  2. Next Meeting: 13 May 2023, Delta Montreal.
  3. Adjournment:

MOVED: Karim Chaganni SECONDED: Steven Frechette

THAT the meeting adjourns at 16h46.




  1. Stephane has volunteered to draft the motion to include Group representation at the BoD and BoD Committees. (Stephane)
  2. JP to follow up with Kiavash on the RTO communications. (JP)
  3. Are RAND-Y receiving IT bytes?? (Tony) 
  4. Draft a special IT Bytes with link to PIPSC application page. (Tony & Rob)