To all proud IT Group Members,


Your bargaining team met with the employer for the fifth session of negotiations from September 20 to 22, 2022. We continued discussions on several articles including Career Development (including second language training), Harassment, Representation for Employee Performance Review and more.


Most importantly, we exchanged preliminary pay proposals with the Treasury Board. It is important to note that these proposals focused on general economic increases and pay parity only at this time. These increases address the cost of living and pay disparity issues affecting our group.


Our general economic increase proposal:


  • Duration: 3 years


    • 2021 – 3.4% + 1.5% (parity) ⇨ 4.9%
    • 2022 – 8%
    • 2023 – increase to be determined at future negotiations based on economic factors including inflation


  • Proposals to add market adjustments that will address pay comparators to other IT workers in the public and private sectors and recruitment and retention issues in our field will be tabled at a subsequent bargaining session. Proposed market adjustments will be applied to each of the 3 years.



The Treasury Board’s general economic increase proposal:


  • Duration: 4 years


    • 2021 - 1.5%
    • 2022 - 2.75%
    • 2023 - 2%
    • 2024 - 1.75%


While we are not surprised to see the same, unreasonable numbers that were offered to other public service unions earlier this year, it is still disappointing that the employer has not moved to more realistic numbers that better reflect the current economic climate.


Our next negotiation session is scheduled for November 1 to 3, 2022.


Thank you to all for your continued support. 

In solidarity, 

Robert Scott
IT Group Bargaining Officer

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