Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Patricia Williams, Rob Scott, Robert Tellier, Eva Henshaw, Lucille Shears, Karim Chaggani, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon, Gordon Bulmer


Staff: Jean-Paul Leduc



1. Welcome

Pierre called the meeting to order at 2:00 and welcomed the exec to the meeting.

2. Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Gordon seconded by Stacy - carried

3. Approval of Minutes of Last meeting(s).

Moved by Gordon seconded by Tony - carried

4. Business Arising from the minute

  1. Bargaining update - Report on the google - Rob gave an update
  1. New group website - Tony gave an update on the website.  Newsletter posted
  1. PIPSC AGM resumption -
    1. Pre-meeting with delegates no date yet end of May
    2. review of outstanding resolutions document on the Google please review before the delegates meeting
    3. Gift cards for the resumption?  decision not to as we gave cards already
  2. CS Elections update  Rob gave update, ballots go out on the 18th, election results will be posted on the PIPSC website the day after the elections are closed by the AA.
  3. CS AGM
    1. Gift cards for the delegates - June 14 - Moved by Patricia seconded by Stacy that we purchase 25$ gift card of choice (limit to Costco, Tims, Amazon, StarBucks) - discussed - Carried
    2. The final call for documents/reports send them to Stacy or put in the folder translation needs to be submitted now for translation.
    3. Additional Delegates - Stan suggests adding 25 (3/region 10/NCR) extra delegates to the group AGM - Moved by Stan Seconded by Stacy - discussed - carried
  4. Newsletter - next planned for after the group AGM
  5. PIPSC Communications (Standing Item) no new business

5. New business

  1. Contract Proposals Committee meeting - development of the agenda is ongoing. Exec members will be asked to host breakout sessions.  Currently scheduled for 4 half days in June

6. Executive reports/Activities d’executive

A. President (Stan) - short verbal report

b. Vice-President (Pierre) - short verbal report

c. Treasurer / Trésorière (Deb) - short verbal reports all ready for the AGM

d. Steering Committee/Secretary - no

e. Bargaining / Negotiations (Rob) - see above

f. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Pierre) - no

g. Communications (Tony) - see above

h. Subgroup officer (Lucille) - on the google

i. Steward officer (Patricia) - short verbal report issues with renewals

j. Membership Officer (Stacy) - message to rands in the works

k. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer (Yvonne) -  short verbal report

l. Classification (Karim/Lucille) - no

m. Contracting out Officer (Eva) -


7. Other business/Roundtable


8. Next meeting

  • June 11 at 7 for cocktails :)