Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Patricia Williams, Rob Scott, Eva Henshaw, Lucille Shears, Karim Chaggani, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon, Gordon Bulmer, Steven Fréchette



Staff: Jean-Paul Leduc



1. Welcome

Pierre called the meeting to order at 1:00 and welcomed the exec to the meeting.

2. Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Gordon seconded by Deb - carried

3. Approval of Minutes of Last meeting(s).

Moved by Gordon seconded by Pat - carried

4. Business Arising from the minute

  1. Bargaining update -
  2. PIPSC Communications (Standing Item)
  3. Member Engagement (standing item)
  4. Stacy will put list of CS delegates  on the Google and regional reps will look at getting gift cards Confirmation motion - Moved by Gordon seconded by Stacy that each Delegate from the CS AGM will receive a 50$ gift card - discussed - carried
  5. The four previous selections will be offered

5. New business

  1. Bargaining Team Selection (Rob) - Rob gave an update on the process to select members outside the exec. 3 members will be selected and contacted to ensure they understand the level of commitment  - Moved by Rob seconded by Yvonne to accept the Bargaining team members listed in Robs report be accepted - discussed - carried


  1. BOD decisions (Stacy) - Stacy gave an update on the special BOD meeting on the request for a special AGM  and reported on a number of issues.  Stan gave an update on some additional issues and on some issues from the AC


  1. PIPSC Resolution proposal support (Eva) - Eva will write up a resolution on VP Salary, and will submit by August 13.


  1. Strategic Planning Meeting (Stan) - Stan suggested putting together a sub committee to firm up the agenda for the planning meeting.  An overview of the previous agenda led to a good discussion of the process.


  1. SubGroup Presidents Meeting (Lucille) -  Stan gave an update on hotel quotes and locations


  1. PIPSC AGM 2021 resolutions and delegates (Stacy) - a review of the delegates selection and process


6. Executive reports/Activities d’executive

A. President (Stan) - short verbal report

b. Vice-President (Pierre) - short verbal report

c. Treasurer / Trésorière (Deb) - short verbal reports all ready for the AGM

d. Steering Committee/Secretary - no

e. Bargaining / Negotiations (Rob) - see above, and written report on the google

f. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Pierre) - no

g. Communications (Tony) - see above

h. Subgroup officer (Lucille) - on the google

i. Steward officer (Patricia) - short verbal report issues with renewals

j. Membership Officer (Stacy) - message to rands in the works

k. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer (Yvonne) -  verbal report

l. Classification (Karim/Lucille) - no

m. Contracting out Officer (Eva) -


7. Other business/Roundtable

  1. Eva gave an update on her ideas for the next contest for members and suggested that we finalize the details at the planning meeting.

8. Next meeting

  • Planning meeting