Contracting Out

Your CS MOA Team (MOAT) consisting of Stan Buday, Robert Tellier, Yvonne Snaddon, Eva Henshaw, Craig Bradley & Lucille Shears (Glenn Maxwell and Pierre Touchette were absent) met with representatives from DND, ESDC, SSC and the Treasury Board Negotiator on July 19, 2018. This was the third meeting regarding the MOA. The goal of these meetings was to establish Guidelines to help hiring managers comply with Article 23 TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE and Article 30 CONTRACTING OUT, as stated in MOA Appendix “I” of the CS Collective Agreement.

With the signing of the MOA, the CS Group agreed to meaningful consultation. In preparation for this consultation, your MOA team provided recommendations for inclusion in the contracting out guidelines. The recommendations were not reflected in the most recent draft guidelines provided by the Employer.

It was clear that your MOA team and the employer hold diverging views on the scope and substance of comprehensive guidelines of contracting out.  Further work and discussion are required to reach an agreement if at all possible.

Based upon the work of the Contracting Out Action Team, it is evident that the Departments are in need of useful guidelines to aid in the reduction of contracting out.  In the last 6 months hundreds of violations of Article 30 have been identified through the tender process. At the time of writing there have been over 120 policy grievances filed around article 30. Since guidelines have not yet been established, there is no doubt that the number of grievances will continue to rise in all Departments.

All parties have agreed to reconvene in September to work on the proposition of draft tools provided by Shared Services Canada.

In solidarity