The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


We are pleased to announce that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chalk River Professional Employees Group (CRPEG) will take place on Wednesday October 20, 2021 at 7pm over Zoom.

The CRPEG AGM Agenda will be as follows:


  •     Approval of Agenda
  •     Approval of Previous Minutes
  •     President’s Message
  •     Treasurer’s Report
  •     Old Business
  •     Election of CRPEG Officers
  •     Negotiations Update
  •     New Business – Open discussion on issues/concerns of the membership


It is to be noted that the elections this year will take place over the zoom infrastructure. Details of the election process will be communicated by the CRPEG Election Committee in a separate bulletin. 

A final reminder will be sent out before the AGM. The final reminder will include: Zoom link, previous AGM minutes, financial statements, and proposed budgets.



CRPEG Executive
Working Together For The Public Good


CRPEG Executive                                                                          Tel. ext.


President                                  Jonathan Fitzpatrick                    42447

Vice President                          Vacant                                              -

Secretary                                  Cliff Dugal                                     43757

Treasurer                                  Bob Radenovic                             45141

Chief Steward                           David Pilgrim                                46398

Communications                      Kourosh Khosravi                       46471

Negotiations Officer                 Noel Harrison                               46529

Special Assignments               Curtis Russell                               46759

PIPSC Relations                       Navdeep Dadhiala                        45080


Stewards                                   Location                                         Tel. ext.   


Wade R. Mayo                           456 - 191                                         43755

Kamil Malek                              596A - 101G                                    41602

All executives


Members-at-Large                    Location                                 


Henrik Andersen                                                                     

Vince Frisina                              retired                                    


Work Place Health and            Location                                         Tel. ext.




Michael Rowlands                     350                                                 43557

Steve Bogensberger                 701                                                 42507


Policy Health and                      Location                                        Tel. ext.




Curtis Russell                            701                                                 46759

Muhammad Islam                      51A                                                 45965