Your CRPEG negotiations team met a number of times over the spring, summer, and fall to prepare for the next round of bargaining, where we will negotiate your next collective agreement with the company. 

Your current collective agreement will expire on December 31, 2023. 

We are using the results of the spring 2023 member survey to create a list of bargaining priorities and proposals. Some of the priorities you identified are:

  • the current cost of living
  • scale and merit increases
  • remote work conditions
  • vacation, promotions, benefits, and leave

On November 9 we met with the company to exchange proposals. Negotiation meetings with the company have been scheduled for December and January 2024. Future negotiation dates will be scheduled in the new year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the negotiations team at

In solidarity,

Jonathan Fitzpatrick, CRPEG Group President, on behalf of the entire CRPEG negotiations team at PIPSC:

Noel Harrison, Negotiations Officer
Clifford Dugal, CRPEG Secretary
Curtis J. Russell, Special Assignments Officer
David H. Pilgrim, Chief Steward
Kouroush Khosravi, Communications Officer
Bob Radenovic, Treasurer
Navdeep Dadhiala, PIPSC Relations Officer
Kamil Malek, Vice-President
Denise Doherty, PIPSC Negotiator
Yvonne James, PIPSC Negotiator