Your Commerce and Purchasing (CP) Gatineau Sub-Group is back in business after a long period of no in-person meetings imposed by our National Office, during the pandemic, for our health and safety.

Now, with the recent Board of Directors approval to conduct in-person membership meetings, along with proof of vaccination in order to attend, your Gatineau Sub-Group executive will be meeting in October. We will be planning our Annual General Meeting to be held later this fall or winter, with the date to be announced via a membership invitation email.

If you wish to receive the AGM invitation, please update your personal email address on the PIPSC website.

With most workers still at home, tele-working every day, we at PIPSC are taking all precautions to protect our members in all workplaces and also when we meet in-person during our upcoming membership events.

With collective bargaining starting in 2022, as our collective agreement ends June 21, 2022, the Gatineau Sub-Group executive and stewards will be involved with speaking to members directly, keeping you informed with information sessions in the Hull/Gatineau area, and representing your interests in negotiations. With the largest membership in the CP Sub-Groups at 2,072 members, we will be having many in-person events going forward well into 2022.

I wish to say thank you for all your support of PIPSC during the pandemic, as our stewards are supporting you during the pandemic too.

You may wish to join our CP Gatineau Sub-Group Facebook group.

You can also contact our Sub-Group executives directly.

At our upcoming AGM, we will be seeking members to be nominated for all positions. There will be 11 positions to fill. If you are interested in being nominated, but want some more details on the level of effort, time commitment, or responsibilities, please contact one of the Sub-Group executives listed above, or contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you on any matter and also seeing you at our AGM.

Better together!

Peter Gabriel
President, CP Gatineau Sub-Group