Minutes of Canadian Museum of Nature PIPSC Group Annual General Meeting

18 December 2017, 12-12:30 pm, Natural Heritage Campus, Canadian Museum of Nature

Chair: Jeff Saarela (President)

Members Present: Robert Anderson, Xia-Chun Wu, Kathy Conlan, Lynn Gillespie, Jean-Marc Gagnon, Aaron Lussier, Jordan Mallon, Danielle Fraser, Dominique Fauteux, Jennifer Doubt (Treasurer), Kieran Shepherd

Members Absent: Paula Piilonen, Erika Anderson, Kamal Khidas, Kathy Stewart, Andre Martel, Troy McMullin

  1. Call to order by Jeff, 12:00 noon
  1. 2015 minutes
    1. Minutes were circulated after the 2015 AGM. No changes were proposed.
  1. The following new members were welcomed officially to the group: Aaron Lussier, Danielle Fraser, Dominique Fauteux, Erika Anderson, Troy McMullin.
  1. Appreciation was noted for the long service to the Museum of the following recently retired members: Brian Coad, Claude Renaud, Scott Ercit and Michel Poulin.
  1. The Treasurer's report (attached) was tabled by Jennifer Doubt:
    1. Approved by the membership.
    2. the group has a healthy balance; members were asked to think about ways to utilize these resources, such as team building activities.
  1. The President's report was presented by Jeff Saarela, including a general discussion of various issues:
    1. a summary of the recent Union-Management Committee meeting was provided;
    2. members were reminded to be aware of the terms of the Collective Agreement; workload issues were a big topic for discussion last time, but none have been brought forward for this meeting or for Union-Management meetings this year.
    3. it was noted that our collective agreement expires on 30 September 2018, and members were asked to start thinking about issues to be raised in the next round of negotiations; negotiations could start as soon as the fall.
    4. there was a short discussion about office space shortage for the large number of research associates at the Museum;       
    5. Jeff noted that he is currently the groups only Steward, renewed until 2019, and that other members should consider becoming a Steward.
  1. Nomination of a new Executive

Jeff presented the following nominations for a new Executive group:

      President: Dr. Troy McMullin

      Vice President: Dr. Jordan Mallon

      Treasurer: Dr. Aaron Lussier

Voting was held by a show of hands and all nominees were unanimously elected. The new Executive was warmly welcomed.

  1. Kathy Conlan expressed thanks, on behalf of the group, to the outgoing Executive, for their work.
  2. Adjournment by Jeff, 12:15 pm.