28 July 2017
Group By-Law 8.13.1 states: One (1) Group Executive position shall be maintained for each region.
18 July 2017
Your Bargaining Team has been waiting for some positive news before giving an update. Our last bargaining session and subsequent update was February 2017.
3 March 2017
Hello CFIA S & A Members Would you like to make a difference in someone’s life? Are you someone that wants to help others, get involved, and make a difference? Here’s your chance.
13 February 2017
Your Bargaining Team met with the Employer between February 7 and 9. The negotiation session was disappointing to say the least. After more than 25 days of negotiation over a 15 month period your Bargaining Team is frustrated with the employer's position and slow pace of negotiations.
26 January 2017
Happy New Year to everyone. All of us on the S & A Executive hope you had a good holiday and are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities coming up in 2017. Here’s some of the latest news.