Hello everyone,

Here are some news from the Quebec S&A Sub-Group Executive!


New Executive Committee

The “recruitment drive” to attract new members to become involved in the Sub-Group Executive Committee (EC) has had mixed success. Only two valiant candidates showed interest. Nathalie Langlois and Julie Bourque have joined the EC; with the announced departure of Stéphanie Fréchette, the EC is now composed of 4 members. 

We met recently to establish the roles of each current member and here is the final picture:

  • President: Hugo Fréchette
  • Vice-President: Nathalie Langlois
  • Secretary: Julie Bourque
  • Treasurer: Julie Gagnon

However, the EC could be composed of 9 members. This means that there is still room for those who would like to join. Why not you?


Joining the EC

A great first step in contributing to the Sub-Group is to join the EC, as you will be aware of current union issues, and able to give your input and learn a lot. Our bylaws state that to sit on the EC, a member must be a union steward or want to become one. However, no one will require you to become a steward on the spot. It is enough to “want to become” a steward, of course, but it is tolerated to think about this question for one term. What’s next? Then, of course, a choice must be made.

Without stewards, there is no union, no bargaining committee and no collective agreement. Without stewards, there are no grievances on role descriptors, and therefore no chance to counterbalance management. Without stewards, there are no meetings with management to discuss local, regional and national issues. In short, stewards represent your interests.

Do you have your interests at heart? Do you want to represent your interests and have the opportunity to defend them?


Union-Management Meetings

As always, we attend meetings on your behalf with the management of each of the Quebec sub-regions, namely Montreal, St-Hyacinthe, Quebec City and Central, as well as the Quebec Operational Centre (QOC). We are also involved in national meetings that affect our members with “national” positions such as centres of expertise and programs.

Covid has been taking up a lot of the agenda at these meetings since March 2020, but staffing, SR roles and responsibilities, structure changes, and training continue to be included.  

The pandemic has reduced informal discussions to almost nothing, which had a noticeable impact on the flow of information. It is therefore important that you take the time to contact a union representative or an executive member if you have any questions or face a problematic situation. Only if we are aware of this can we assist you, and where relevant, bring forward these issues to meetings with management. Feel free to contact us!


Working From Home

The management of the end of the pandemic is being followed very closely. Some will want or need to come back to the office, some will be able or willing to stay home, and some will do some sort of in between. Everything is on the table and the rules are not yet established. Several legal issues are under consideration, including those related to occupational health and safety. It appears, however, that senior management wishes to give flexibility to the regions of Canada to address this issue in their own context. To be followed.


We take this opportunity to wish you a pleasant end of winter and a safe deconfinement!


Your Executive:

Hugo Fréchette, President

Nathalie Langlois, Vice-President

Julie Bourque, Secretary

Judith Gagnon, Treasurer