Over the past several weeks, PIPSC CFIA-S&A members in the SR classification have submitted comments on the standardized job descriptions (SJDs) and mapping. While these SJDs are final documents, the employer was prepared to make modifications if a serious omission or error occurred during the initial review processes. Apart from minor clerical errors, which have been resolved, no serious omissions or errors were identified with the SJD language. On the other hand, several members have brought forward solid examples where the position may need to be remapped to another SJD.

Standardized job description language

Some members have expressed concerns with the generic language being used. It is important to remember that the SR SJDs merge over 100 different jobs into the 27 new SJDs. It is important to use open language that includes the range of activities done by members across each SJD. Using very specific language would exclude some members from the SJD, which could have a negative impact on classification. To leverage our position as joint authors, we want these SJDs to be flexible enough to adapt to future changes in the work. Without this flexibility, the employer may choose to make unilateral changes down the road as the work evolves.

We have taken your comments back to the employer and have confirmed that your examples have been included. Along with SJD wording review notes, your examples form an integral part of the classification process. The employer has recognized your important contributions.

We continue to work with the employer to explore additional tools and resources to address the concerns you have brought forward.


We have sent the employer your remapping requests and you should receive a confirmation email from PIPSC. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact Colby Briggs, Team Lead, Compensation at cbriggs@pipsc.ca.

The employer has agreed to conduct the remapping job validation reviews (JVRs) that we have requested. To streamline the process for group remapping requests, the employer and PIPSC have agreed on one or more candidates to represent the entire group. If the JVR finds evidence that the position has been mapped incorrectly, the employer will propose a more suitable SJD. For group remapping, the JVR results will apply to the entire group. If you are contacted by the employer regarding a JVR, please contact compensation@pipsc.ca immediately so that we can assist you in the JVR process.

Next steps

In the coming days, the employer will provide PIPSC with a list of members for the job validation reviews (JVRs). JVR questionnaires are used to gather detailed examples that contextualize each standardized job description (SJD). This informs the classification process. PIPSC stewards and Job Ambassadors will review the proposed JVR list to ensure the candidates are representative of each job.

Once finalized, the employer will soon move to conduct the JVRs. If you are selected for a JVR, we strongly encourage you to immediately reach out to the designated PIPSC representative.

Operations: cbriggs@pipsc.ca

Science: mcleroux@pipsc.ca

Policy: rhusk@pipsc.ca

Your PIPSC representative and Job Ambassadors will walk you through the process and provide support. To obtain a fair classification, it is important that the examples we provide have sufficient context, particularly around leadership, analysis and impact. Following the submission of the JVRs, the employer will convene classification committees to determine the classification of your job.