On behalf of the Joint Consultation Committee (CFIA & PIPSC), we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the work that PIPSC and the CFIA continue to do in building new and improved SR job descriptions.  

As you probably know, the CFIA and PIPSC signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Agreement in December of 2018 committing to work in collaboration in completing a fulsome review of the SR Occupational Group job descriptions.  That Agreement had anticipated that the content of the job descriptions would be completed by the end of this calendar year.   While the Parties have been working diligently on this initiative, given the immense amount of feedback provided by SR members, the CFIA and PIPSC have agreed to extend that deadline until March 31, 2020 to ensure the new job descriptions most accurately reflect the work.  We are jointly committed to ensuring we do this right. 

As we continue to work collaboratively, the CFIA has provided PIPSC with updated job descriptions that we believe reflect the important work of the SR group, taking into account the comments received from employees and PIPSC.  PIPSC is reviewing the feedback with its members to ensure the job descriptions include the varied work performed across the CFIA.  PIPSC is also reviewing these documents against the feedback provided in the online questionnaire which was sent to a sample of SR employees in the late summer. 

A final review of the job descriptions will be done commencing in January 2020 through the Joint Consultation Committee established by the Parties. 

We thank all SR members and dedicated Branch representatives for their hard work and their valuable input during this job description review process.  Rest assured, the CFIA and PIPSC are working diligently to provide you with new, comprehensive job descriptions that accurately reflect the critical work that you all do.


 Thank you,

Seasons Greetings

The Joint Consultation Committee - CFIA & PIPSC