Dear PIPSC members,

Your Union Executive Committee would like to draw your attention to an email you may have recently received from your manager or director.
Subject: CALL for Volunteers: FNHA HEF 2022 (November)

In this email, the employer states they are “organizing onsite volunteer activities” related to the Interprofessional Healthcare Education Forum (HEF).

Your Union Executive Committee had concerns with the wording of this request from the employer, specifically, asking employees to “volunteer" to perform work duties outside of regular working hours.  We are aware from past practice that employees have engaged in after-hours tasks to support this event, previously called the Nursing Education Forum. As union advocates, we expect you to be compensated for your work time and encourage volunteerism outside of your employment.

On August 26th, we raised our concerns over this messaging with the employer, and we are pleased to report the employer was very supportive and agreed that employees should not be expected to work, uncompensated, beyond their regular working hours.  The employer committed to ensure the messaging to all managers was clear on this issue.

The Collective Agreement has clear language about the provision of overtime, whether paid or banked.  If you are being asked to perform work outside of your regular working hours during HEF, please keep the above information in mind, and ensure you are agreeing to working terms that are defined by the language in the collective agreement.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need support, please reach out directly to any Union Executive committee member, or a union steward.

Thank you.

Reilly Kluss, President