Once the transition of our AU members has been completed, we expect to be renamed as the Commerce and Purchasing (CP) Group. The change in the group name gives us a chance to refresh our brand.

In preparation, we are offering group members an opportunity to submit a design for a new group logo that will be used for the website, printed matter, t-shirts and so on. The contest is open to all members of the future CP group, consisting of CO and PG classifications.


  • The design must reference PIPSC’s logo and be the original work of the submitter (see other PIPSC logos)
  • The design should resonate with the words “Commerce and Purchasing” and follow the guidelines in the Visual Identity Guide. The PIPSC Communication Team will review and alter the winning design to ensure colour and typography is consistent with branding.
  • The design should be simple, not complicated or confusing, and all elements must be discernible when reproduced or embroidered in smaller sizes
  • The design can be hand-drawn or created with a computer drawing program. PIPSC Communication Team will digitalize the winning design.

Submission deadline

Entries must be emailed to avgroupevents@pipsc.ca by November 21 at 12:00 PM ET. Only entries received by the deadline will be considered. Designs can be in any of the following formats: .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .pdf.  Designs can be larger than but must not be smaller than 3 inches by 3 inches. Multiple designs will be accepted.


The Group Executive will nominate 5 designs based on the visual appeal, adherence to the guidelines, quality of design, and ease of reproduction to be presented at the virtual Group AGM on November 28, 2020. All delegates in attendance will be able to participate in a live voting session to select the most popular design. The chosen design will be sent to the PIPSC Communications team for digitalization and final alterations to ensure colour and typography is consistent with branding.  


One winner will receive a promotional item such as a hoodie, branded with the new design, at a later date.


PIPSC will acquire ownership of the winning design and the winning designer will disclaim any trademarks and all other rights related to the design. The winning designer acknowledges that they are the person that created the design and that the design does not infringe upon the rights of any third party nor violate any copyright.