You are invited to attend a social evening in connection with the AGM of the Winnipeg Sub-Group of the AFS Group.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Don Restaurant

 2-120 Donald Street

Cocktails at 4:30 PM / Dinner at 6:00 PM / Cash bar / Dinner ticket $10.00
(To purchase your ticket, please contact one of the members listed below)

Annual General Meeting:  5:15 PM (no charge to attend meeting only)

Deadline for ticket purchase is Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Anyone requiring a meal accommodation – contact Pam Kubicz @ 204-983-6976

The  meal choices are:

Korean BBQ, with rice and vegetable

Pork Schnitzel with French fries and vegetable

Regular Coffee & Tea, or soft drink included

This function is open to all PIPSC members working at the CRA in Winnipeg (AU, CO, CS, FI, LS, MG-AFS and SI) resident in Winnipeg. This is an opportunity to get together as members of the AFS Group, to welcome new PIPSC members and to elect officers for the Sub-Group.

There is no charge to attend the meeting portion of the meeting.

To make a dinner reservation, please contact one of the PIPSC-AFS members listed below:

Denise Hedlund

(204) 983-3877

6th Floor - 360 Main St

Julie Bourque

(204) 983-4159

6th Floor - 360 Main St

Brad Sedor

(204) 983-6254

7th Floor - 360 Main St

Christine Freeman

(204) 983-7022

325 Broadway

Kevin Stokes

(204) 984-8090

325 Broadway

Grant Parson

(204) 984-0740

325 Broadway

Pam Kubicz

(204) 983-6976

Winnipeg Tax Centre


Please bring extra funds to support the PIPSC Legacy Foundation which provides scholarships to PIPSC members’ students.


Winnipeg AFS Sub-group, are calling for nominations from members of the AFS bargaining unit in Winnipeg (AU, CO, CS, FI, LS, MG-AFS and SI) for the following positions on the Winnipeg Sub-group of the AFS Group.

Treasurer- Two-Year Term

Vice-President - Two-Year Term

Members-at-Large: One-Year Term – 3 positions

Two-Year Term – 4 positions

Only members in good standing are eligible to hold office, nominate and vote members for positions on the Sub-Group Executive. If you are not presently a member of PIPSC, please contact a steward or one of the executive officers.

7.4 Eligibility to Hold Office – AFS Group By-Laws

7.4.1 Because all members of the Group and Sub-Group Executive are required to consult with the employer on behalf of the members, then, to be a candidate or remain an Officer, the person must be a member and must be or become a Steward.

Nominations must be in writing and must be received by the Elections Committee on or before 4:00 PM on Monday, April 15, 2019. You may nominate yourself. If you wish to nominate a member other than yourself, please ensure that the member is willing to hold office.

Please email nominations to:

The Elections Committee Chair, Pamela Kubicz

Thank you,

Winnipeg AFS Sub-Group