PIPSC AFS Summerside Subgroup

AGM 2021

December 8, 2021


Subgroup executive attendees:

Leslie Hill President

Sheila Shea Vice President

Jeff Gallant  Treasurer

James Flynn Secretary

Jeff White Member at Large

Meeting – 6:00 PM


1. Welcome – All welcomed – Opening statements from Leslie - Introductions of members

2. Approval of the agenda – Approved by Jeff Gallant - Seconded by James Flynn

3. Adoption of previous AGM minutes – Approved by Jeff Gallant - Seconded by Peggy Malone

4. Business arising from the minutes:

* No new business         

5. Treasury Report – Presented by Jeff Gallant:

* Jeff reviewed financials from past 2 years – No money spent.

* Jeff discussed upcoming budget for 2022

* Jeff discussed gift card giveaway for attendees

6. Treasury report Q&A:

Q - William Griffin (Griff) – Are we not receiving an allotment anymore because the 2020 allotment wasn’t spent? Will allotment be clawed back?

A - Chris Roach – No claw back, but because you haven’t spent you wont get an allotment. Board of Directors approved donation to a food bank out of this years spend.

Q - Peggy Malone – Does the charity have to be the food bank or can it be a local PEI charity.

A – Chris Roach – At this time only food bank is approved


7. Leslie puts forward motion to donate up to $2000 to a PEI food bank. Sheila Shea seconded.

* $1000 donation for Summerside area, $1000 for Charlottetown area.

* Motion passed – Approved unanimously

8. Jeff Gallant put forward motion to approve 2021-2022 budget. Jeff White seconded. Approved.

9. Keynote address – Chris Roach

* AFS pivoted to virtual environment. In the process of getting back into physical meetings

* Continued involvement in health and safety. Ergonomics is becoming a big issue.

* PIPSC is in support of the vaccine mandate.

* 95.9% of members fully vaccinated -- 2.2% of members partly vaccinated.         

* Committed to providing representation, requesting accommodation.

* December 21 will be the last pay of previous contract – That means end of the current contract & time to start bargaining again.

* Notice of bargaining served late next year - Survey rolling out February 2022 to survey for demands.

* New president of PIPSC incoming – Jenn Carr

* PIPSC x surplus (proposed to be a deficit budget) 2021 fiscal year. About x total surplus – padding before we have to look at dues increase. PIPSC will look into more virtual attendance for people who may travel.

10. Keynote address Q&A:

Q – Leslie Hill - With the new variant do we see the tightening of restrictions for in person meetings?

A – Chris Roach - No, the only stipulation at this point is you have to adhere to local restrictions and guidelines.


Q – Leslie Hill -  With the contract expiring this year are wage increases on that table?

A – Chris Roach - If wages is where we want to focus, you will have to indicate that in the upcoming bargaining survey.


Q – Sheila Shea – Working from home had been on the negotiation table. WFH has been a great success over the past 2 years. Why would we still have to go through the gamut of making sure we have adequate space to work from home?

A – Chris Roach – Likely the concern is security. Everyone is working from home, but none of them have formal agreements. Employees are incurring costs of working from home, management is reluctant to commit. In the next agreement there may be more language protective to working from home. CRA to this point has not defined requirements for security while working from home. Some details to be flushed out.


Q – Peggy Malone - For those who have been recommended to fill out working from home arrangements – has the union recognised that?

A – Chris Roach – Any formal agreement you have about working arrangements you have is beneficial. ITB-E doesn’t have as many geographical limitations. Any opportunities you have to get a formal agreement would be recommended.

11. Elections Nominations:         

* Vote for president.     

* Jeff Gallant nominate Leslie – Peggy Malone seconded.

* No further nominations – Leslie Hill awarded president.

12. Call for nominations for members at large:

* Members at large. 6 positions available. 1 year and 2 year terms available.

* Jeff Gallant nominates Jeff White – seconded by Leslie Hill – Jeff White accepted

* Jeff Gallant nominates Peggy Malone – seconded by Leslie Hill – Peggy accepted 1 year

* Chris Roach nominates Jeff Gallant – seconded by Sheila Shea – Jeff accepted 2 year

* Sheila Shea nominates James Flynn – declined

* Leslie Hill nominates William Griffin - Sheila Shea seconded – Griff accepted 2 year

* Leslie Hill nominates Raouf Fella - Leslie Hill seconded -  Accepted

* Peggy Malone nominates Kristine Arsenault – declined

Leslie Hill – President

Sheila Shea – Vice President

Members at large

Jeff Gallant – Acclaimed

Jeff White – Acclaimed

William Griffin (Griff) – Acclaimed

Peggy Malone – Acclaimed

Raouf Fella – Acclaimed

13. Conclusion

* Everyone who attended the 2021 AGM can send an email to Jeff Gallant with gift card preference to receive a $25 gift card as thanks for attending.

14. Closing

* Stay healthy – Stay safe