CFSH-AFS Sub-Group – Minutes

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Time: March 24, 2022, 5:30 p.m., Montreal

Meeting Minutes

  1. Review and Approval of the Agenda

a. Moved by Luc Mercier

b. Seconded by Manfouss Adeyandjou Lawani


  1. Outgoing President’s Opening Remarks

a. David mentioned that the last two years have been particularly unusual. He reiterated the importance of unions in the workplace, especially as drivers of change and adaptability, and invited all those interested in protecting labour rights to get involved or at least stay up to date on the latest union issues.

He reminded us who the local delegates are and invited them to feel free to contact them as needed.

David said that the collective agreement will expire this year and reminded everyone to keep an eye on this as the AFS Group or PIPSC may send out surveys to members.

David said he was not seeking re-election to the local executive but would leave with the utmost confidence in the passionate stewards ready to take the reins.

He said that the decision to hold a virtual AGM was made to free up funds for the new executive to be appointed.

3. Treasury

a. David reported that as of December 31, 2021, the Sub-Group had $600.31 in its account.

No expenditures were made in the last two years.

Moved by Manfouss Adeyandjou Lawani
Seconded by Alexandre Picotte

4. Elections
            Elections Chair: DavidCampanozzi

a. President (2 years)

    i. David only received one application.

Manfouss Adeyandjou Lawani (acclaimed)

b. Vice President (1 year)

    i. David only received one application.

    Alexandre Picotte (acclaimed)

c. Secretary (1 year)

   i. David only received one application.

       Sébastien Dufort (acclaimed)

d. Treasurer (2 years)

     i. David only received one application.

        Mawuko Kelebou (acclaimed)

e. Director (2 years)

    i. Vacant

f. Director (1 year)

    i. Vacant

5. Guest Speakers: Jean Couillard, AFS Regional Representative

a. Jean discussed the Flextime pilot project and how much he values this term of employment. He plans on promoting its benefits to improve the provisions already present in the guideline.

He mentioned that Flextime is still in its pilot phase in the Atlantic region and should be available to everyone once the pilot phase is over. He pointed out that flextime is already well established in Quebec.

David added that the situation is more complex for IT workers in Shawinigan, since two of the three branches that govern Shawinigan’s IT jobs are at the HQ level and they are still not in favour of Flextime. It is therefore important to follow this issue closely as some members may be denied their benefits.

Jean went over the upcoming negotiations, saying that we are currently ahead of schedule as the first demands can only be made 120 days before the end of the current agreement, which will end on December 31, 2022.

He mentioned that it would be wise to get ahead of the ball and encouraged members to pay attention to the demands made by the UTE, which has initiated its negotiations. Their current demands are ambitious but extremely relevant in the current context.


  1. Miscellaneous

a. Question: It was asked if the vacant Director position would impact the Executive structure.

Answer: No, the Director positions are not mandatory for the Executive structure; these positions are basically an opportunity to get involved in some of the issues handled by the Executive.

It is also reminded that it is not mandatory to be part of the executive to serve as a steward.

It was mentioned that the positions can be filled during the year, and they will be up for election at the next AGM.


  1. Adjournment

a. Moved by Luc Mercier

b. Seconded by Alexandre Picotte