Saint John AFS Sub-Group AGM Minutes - June 22, 2023

Annual General Meeting

Held at: Riverside Country Club






Armstrong, Gayle

Howe, Sabra

Moffatt, Lisa

Beals, April

Kane, Michael

Myers, Glenn

Brown, Dawn

Keirstead, Leslie

O'Neill, Vince

Bulmer, Dacia

Lawson, Sam

Oyebami, Womi

Chiasson, Kelsey

MacNeil, Linda

Pelkey, Chris

Coughlin, Nicholas

MacNeill, Andrea

Ripley, Tanya

Dollemont, Kerrie

Maxan, Michael

Rowe, Lorraine (Lori)

Everett, Aaron

McCluskey, Louis

Ruff, Larry

Greer, Mike

McCullough, Tim

Sparks, Jennifer

Harper, Mike

Melvin, Mike





Costain, Manny

Roach, Chris





The meeting was presided by Lori Rowe, Sub-group President.


1.      Welcome and Introductions

Lori welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. This was her second full year as President of the Saint John Sub-group and called the meeting to order at 8:05. There are 30 attendees for the 2023 Sub-group AGM, a great turn-out. As Mike Maxan had mentioned during the Branch AGM, which was held immediately prior to the Sub-group AGM, we have two guests, Manny Costain, Regional Director, and Chris Roach, Negotiating Team Member. Chris will be speaking tonight. Lori welcomed them both.


2.      Approval of Agenda

The agenda was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Lisa Moffatt, seconded by Sabra Howe, and unanimously carried, it was resolved the agenda of the meeting was verified and approved.


3.      Approval of Minutes of June 2022 Branch AGM Meeting Minutes

A copy of the June 2022 AGM meeting minutes was provided to each table for review. The minutes were reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Vince O’Neill seconded by Leslie Keirstead, and unanimously carried and approved.


4.      Business arising from 2022 Minutes.



5.      Branch President’s Report

Lori explained that these past two years as the Sub-Group President has given her a new perspective on both the employer and the union. Lori would not voice her opinion on the employer; however, from the union perspective, the role of our leaders, representatives across the country, and including our negotiating team, she gave them a high five and added, “they have some large shoes to fill, and I know I appreciate each of them.”


Executive and Stewards

Lori advised she could not fulfill her role without the help of the executive and the stewards:

o   Mike Kane, Vice-President

o   Sabra Howe, Secretary

o   Aaron Everett, Treasurer

o   Vince O’Neil, Member at Large

o   Tim McCullough, Member at Large

o   Mike Maxan, Branch President

o   Dawn Brown

o   Gayle Armstrong, Member at Large

o   Mike Melvin, Member at Large


Lori thanked each of them for their work and dedication, which they have done and continue to do on behalf of the members. Lori requested a round of applause. Their role does have it challenges, especially this past year while recently dealing with the PSAC strike that started mid-April and ended for CRA in early May.


PSAC Strike

During the PSAC - CRA strike, there were several days that we provided snacks, beverages, and some of us walked the picket line with our fellow co-workers to show support and solidarity. Lori also held a zoom call during the strike encouraging our members to do what they could to show their support. Lori thanked our members for being supportive.


Other events/meetings

Other events and meetings that Lori attended on behalf of the membership this past year included:

o   Monthly meetings Fox, the Director of the NBTSO,

o   Monthly meetings with Robert Audit, Assistant Director of Audit for the NB-TSO,

o   PIPSC National Annual General Meeting,

o   Annual Union Management Consultation (UMC),

o   Sub-group President meetings,

o   AFS AGM,

o   Steward Training,

o   Atlantic Regional Council, and

o   Four meetings with the local executive.


During this past regional council, Lori was nominated and elected as an executive member. Lori promises this new role will not have an impact on her current role.



There seems to be a pattern and the same as the previous year, there has been a lot of staffing. The Moncton and Saint John Sub-groups have given three virtual presentations both to welcome our new members, introduce our executive, and to provide an information session on PIPSC. As Lori has in the past, she encourages everyone as a PIPSC member to reach out and welcome our new members.


Professional Fees

This is a hot topic and will not go away! For anyone who has submitted their professional fees, and has not been paid, please reach out to Lori, an executive member, or steward. Not that we can help, as the employer does whatever they want, but we want to make sure it is known and unacceptable. There was to be a new process in place and in fact a new process was implemented; however, the reimbursement of the fees is even longer than last year! Each year the employer promises to have a new and better process in place that will address these issues, “Don’t hold your breath!”



Lori advised that Chris would be discussing bargaining as he is on the bargaining team and knows first had how this is going, or the lack thereof.


Other issues/concerns

One of the biggest issues she has run into the last couple of years is that members do not know who the executive or stewards are. Many members do not know the difference between PIPSC Branch and AFS Sub-Groups. To start with the education, I have printed and left QR codes on each table. Lori encouraged the attendees to take them and share with their fellow members. Education is key to the success of our union. We need to know why we have a union, and what the union can do for us.


In closing, Lori explained this past year has been a busy year. Her role as president has been to represent the members in Saint John at both the local and national level. She has and will continue to bring up issues with our employer as well as our union to ensure that we are being heard and seeking resolution. If there is anything further the executive can do to help you, please reach out. We can only address what we know about.


The President’s Report was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Lori Rowe, seconded by Aaron Everett, and unanimously carried and approved.


6.      Treasurer’s 2022 Financial Report was presented by Aaron Everett

The Budget and full Treasurer’s report were distributed prior to the meeting. Aaron explained

the details of receipts and expenditures for 2022.



Beginning Balance, January 1, 2022


Plus: Allotment


Cost Recovery from PIPSC






Less: Executives meetings


2022 AGM


Notebooks – door prizes


In memoriam


Harbour Lights – Food bank donations


Other – photocopies, etc.




Ending Bank Balance, Dec 31, 2022




The current bank account balance is $2,710.23 with an allotment of $2,557 plus some interest and cost recovery of $288.03. Total current expenditures are $552 plus there is the 2023 AGM


costs. The Financial Report was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Aaron Evertt, seconded by Lori Rowe, and unanimously carried and approved.


7.      Financial Budget - 2024

The Budget was distributed along with the Treasurer’s report. The annual allotment is anticipated to be $2,550 with expenditures of 2,300 for AGM, executive meetings, Christmas social, and others with estimated ending bank account balance of $687.


The Budget was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Aaron Everett, seconded by Mike Maxan, and unanimously carried and approved.


8.      Nominating Committee’s Report – Gayle Armstrong

The Nominating Committee’s report was presented by Gayle Armstrong. Gayle reported the AGM President position is up for election (2 years) and AGM Secretary position is up for election (2 years).


9.      Election of Sub-Group Executive

Election of Sub-Group Executive vacant positions

·        President – 2-year position. Lori Rowe has put her name forward. No other nomination. Lori was acclaimed.

·        Secretary – 2-year position. Sabra Howe has put her name forward. No other nominations. Sabra was acclaimed.


No other nominations.


10.  Guest Speaker – Chris Roach, Negotiating Team member

Chris thanked and recognized Lori Rowe for all her hard work.


Chris provided updates. He discussed the contract negotiations with its bargaining preparation and noting the surveying the members, AFS serving notation Aug 22, 2022 to the employer, three months before the collective agreement expired. He discussed AFS limited demands and conciliation route, IT Arbitration with the declared impasse; negotiating team meet with employer six times, and upcoming meetings June 27th to 29th which wages will be discussed.

Employer – CRA demands are such as deleting articles (benefits) in the collective agreement (9.06, 9.07, 11.01, 11.04, & 12.08). Chris discussed inflation and its impact. As well, he discussed the federal public service bargaining, more specifically Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO) and their collective agreement along with the International Brotherhood of Electrical works (IBEW) and reaching a tentative contract the Friday before PSCA went on strike and its public perception. Chris discussed PSAC bargaining’s trike and their tentative agreements.


AFS wages demands consider 2022 inflation rate which was 6.8%, 40-year high. AFS has reports, stats, and wage comparable to provide the employer. AFS is requesting 7.5% for Dec 22, 2022, and 6.5% for Dec 22, 2023, for all levels, steps, and classifications. Chris discussed MG reclassification, the equity situation, and going to the Board of Management in late April and now going in June 2023. He advised that classification is in the hands of the employer. He also talked about IT Group at the last session not receiving what PSAC was given – so market adjustment is needed. Since the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in competitiveness in the Labour market, especially for the IT industry. AFS is recommending AU- 07 level.


The Employer is encountering significant recruitment and retention problems, which they deny.


We have a new group, AFS -NU, which are nurses who will be receiving approximately a $30K wage increase.

Strike training will be starting late fall. Chris advised they need AFS members support and next Tuesday they are asking everyone to wear Black Shirt to show the support.


Lori thanked Chris for his updates.


11.  Other Business

We have another new Steward, Jennifer Sparks, who is a Case Manager with the Audit Division. Jennifer will be taking her steward training this coming Fall. Welcome Jenn!


Lori Rowe and Dacia Bulmer moved to have the meeting adjourned @ 9:10.


Prepared By: Sabra Howe