Saint John AFS Sub-Group Annual General Meeting June 07, 2022

Held at: Riverside Country Club


Michael Maxan

Vince O'Neill

Lori Rowe

Larry Ruff

Sabra Howe

Tanya Ripley

Mike Kane

Aaron Everett

Jennifer Sparks

Tim McCullough

Gayle Armstrong

Natasha Morin

Suzanne Dionne

Andrew Bullen

Kelly MacKinnon

Emily Cormier

Glenn Myers

Mike Harper



The meeting was presided by Lori Rowe, President.

  1. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Gayle Armstrong, seconded by Vince O’Neill, and unanimously carried, it was resolved the agenda of the meeting was verified and approved.

  1. Approval of Minutes of June 2021 AFS-Sub-Group AGM Meeting

The minutes were reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Gayle Armstrong, seconded by Aaron Everett, and unanimously carried and approved.

  1. President’s Report

    • Lori welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. It has been officially one year since she became Sub-Group President and wants to thank the Executive, Stewards, and members for their support.
    • Staffing
      • New Hires - there have been many new hires, especially at the AU level, and keeping up with the new members has been a challenge. She has requested management keep her up to date; however, she has not always been informed. She has voiced her concerns although the executive and stewards have been a help; however, if you know of new hires within our sub-group, please let Lori know.
      • Outreach sessions – Lori advised that between the Moncton and Saint John Sub- groups, presentations have been given by the executive to the new members and they have received positive feedback. For Saint John, Mike Kane, Aaron Everett, and Sabra Howe have been present for at least one session, and potentially all three have been given. Sabra has presented at all sessions along with herself and Kelly MacKinnon.
    • Vaccination
      • CRA has a vaccination policy and is a condition of employment. As per Jennifer Carr, policy grievances filed by PIPSC on behalf of members on LWOP after April 6, 2022, and individual grievances remain in effect. PIPSC encourages all members to continue to follow public health guidelines.
    • VWAA
      • As of July 18th, all VWAAs must be completed, or staff will have to return to the office. The staff has been given notice that the VWAA must be completed and as far as she knows there would be no reason for a manager to deny the request unless there is a performance issue or some other concern. Overall, there are no known concerns from a sub-group perspective. If anyone hears of any concerns, please let a steward or Lori know.
    • Annual Professional Fees
      • Professional fees will not be reimbursed until the year for which they relate; however, the greater concern is the delay potentially due to the number of reimbursements. It was brought to the Director’s table. Within the NBTSO a ‘Lean Project’ has been identified for the professional fees. Lori advised there are no guarantees, but at least management knows and acknowledges there are concerns and that they could be handled more efficiently.
  • Monthly meetings with Fox and Robert Audet
    • Lori explained she has a regular monthly meeting where she expresses any concerns, for example, new members and not being notified. If there are concerns solely within Audit, she will address them with Robert. Should you have any concerns, please discuss them with your steward who can relay the message.

Lori thanked the members for their support during her first year as President.

The President’s Report was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Lori Rowe, seconded by Sabra Howe, and unanimously carried and approved.

4. Aaron Everett presented the 2021 Financial Report.


Beginning Balance, January 1, 2021


Plus: Allotment & interest


Less: Expenditures


Ending Bank Balance, Dec 31, 2021



The Budget and full Treasurer’s report were distributed along with the agenda by Sabra Howe. Aaron explained that the 2021 receipts are primarily from allotments totaling $2,362 with a small amount of bank interest. The single largest expense was for the Harbour Lights – Food Bank Donation of $3,500.00 plus $200 in memoriam. For 2022, we have received two allotments total $2,362 and one expenditure to date to June 6th was for executive meetings $179.67.

The Financial Report was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Aaron Everett, seconded by Vince O’Neill, and unanimously carried and approved.

The Budget for 2022, shows a receipt allocation of $2,200 which is an estimate based on the previous year. Expenditures include AGM $1,200, executive meetings $500, Christmas Social $200, and copies/promotional items estimated at $300 with a remaining surplus balance of $546.

The Budget was reviewed by the members and UPON MOTION duly made by Aaron Everett, seconded by Mike Maxan, and unanimously carried and approved

  1. Nominating Committee’s Report – Lori Rowe

The two positions: 2-year Vice-President, and 2-Year Treasurer, are open for nominations.

Election of Sub-Group Executive vacant positions

  • Vice-President – 2-year position. Mike Kane has put his name forward. No other nomination. Mike was acclaimed.
  • Treasurer – 2-year position. Aaron Everett has put his name forward. No other nominations. Aaron was acclaimed.

No other nominations.

  1. Other Business - NIL

Lori Rowe and Suzanne Dionne moved to have the meeting adjourned @ 8:10.