PIPSC AFS-Stewards Meeting June 6, 2022

  1. Updates:
    1. VWA’s are in progress. Still some questions re: interpretations of Safety & Security
    2. Hours of work, compressed schedules, etc… rules are coming soon. CCTSO has already said that if it fits within the CA (or is an accommodation requested) and it doesn’t interfere with the work getting done then it should be approved.
    3. UMC’s – looks like only the SG presidents (or alternates) will be attending since there are 6 of us. Looking to see if we can get pre-UMC meetings with AD’s….
    4. Still no org. charts for HCATSO or FVITSO expected for mid June.
    5. Vaccine grievances have recently been filed for people still on unpaid leave.
    6. Staffing. AU03 process poster went out w/p union review. Concern that national pools haven’t been exhausted and new processes are being run. We are pushing for acting lists and pool stats … National Process: AU01=133, AU02=127, AU03=117, AU04=51


  1. AFS AGM:
    1. Recruitment of younger stewards / leaders.
    2. Issues re: what subgroup members will belong to e.g. Vancouver & Surrey.


  1. AFS Bargaining Conference:
    1. London Ont. June 15 & 16th – AW attending in person.
    2. No bargaining survey specific to AFS. Will use ‘mother PIPSC’ survey.
    3. Will work on deciding what our “other” bargaining demands will be. SG presidents will be discussing / voting / debating to arrive at what the priorities are.


  1. Bargaining discussion items:                     

Q: What does a “Win” look like for this round?

Q: What “other” things would you like to see in the CA?

Q: Are there any “problems” in our CA you would like to see corrected?

Q: How important is the timing of the CA… i.e. streamline to get new CA sooner, or fight it out and end up with a bigger retro check later… PSAC is already at an impasse & may go on strike.

Q: What do you think the membership is willing to do to get a better CA?