EventAFS NCR Information Technology Subgroup Annual General Meeting

DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2019

TIME: 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM               Registration and Mingling

           5:30 PM to 7:30 PM               Meeting


LOCATION: Salon C/D, PIPSC HQ/National Office, 250 Tremblay Road, Ottawa ON

Meeting AGENDA

  1. Introduction of Executive and Special Guests

Added a presentation to the Agenda

  1. Motion to Adopt the Agenda  - moved by Carl and seconded by Charles

All for adopting the Agenda.  So moved

  1. Observance of Moment of Silence for Deceased Members
  2. Issues arising from Previous AGM – no issues arising from the minutes
  3. Approval of Previous AGM Minutes – Jacqueline Dixon motion 1st , Tom Shao 2nd moved
  4. Presidents Report –

Mike talked about the ITB BBQ, we went from 1 subgroup to 4 subgroup.

AGM cost went down since using the PIPSC location- great saving in our budget

  1. AFS National NCR IT  Region Representative Report

Allaudin – thanked everyone and subgroup for inviting him

Allaudin gave an overview of the regional and local consultation and his role with the new 4 subgroups.

They are able to bring up issues at the local level to Annette

National level- we want medical notes to be paid, however the DG at billings said he will pay for them

We want more stewards in the workplace.  We like to have 1- 20  we are 1-98

Talk about moving to other spaces but no move on the moves yet

Any info please reach out to your local stewards.

Allaudin mentioned he is working on negotiations of the CS contract.  It was noted a negotiate 4% market adjustment has been noted. 

Performance expectations have to be SMART.  CRA does not consult us on this.   We try to always have a discussion on it.  Everyone is a star performer because the benchmark is very low.  If you need support on that we can help -  Performance, expectations and vacation.

Allaudin  closed by thanking the executive for inviting him


  1. Financial Report and Budget – Carl provided an overview of the Finances and budget for the year

Last year we expected our funding to decrease due to the split in the 1 to 4 subgroups

Funds spent on Member support, Steward support - regional meetings, AFS shirts and promo item for members – ITB BBQ and other activities, AGM support

We expect our budget will be reduced.  But we have enough funding to support BBQ or any events. 

New employees sessions we purchased AFS supplies (mugs etc) for new members.

No questions

Charles moved 1st   Xuede Chen  2nd   -  everyone approved

  1. Elections – Nominations taken from the floor  - Charles nominated for Vice President

Members at Large ; 

Juli Kwan          - Charles Halpenny 1st Carl Wills 2nd  -  Approved

Dimtry Frid       -Carl Wills 1st Mike Williams 2nd  - Approved

Tom Shao          -  Xuede Chen 1st    Charles Halpenny  2nd   -  Approved

  1. AFS President Presentation – Doug Mason -  presented and provided an overview on discussions on the collective agreement, telework, improve shift premium, shift and statutory holidays.  Negotiations taking place over the next couple of weeks. 

Employee wellness support program- info sessions expected in November and December to present to all members

Classification negotiations – system needs to be changed IT classification standards in discussion.  We want to have some say.  Its ways a ways.

  1. New Business – no new business
  2. Adjournment – vote on adjourning the meeting – all in favor- meeting adjourned