Executive meeting on February 16, 2023 (first of the year)

In-person meeting - Casa Grec restaurant, Boul. Newman, Montreal

Start of the meeting: 2 p.m.



Present: Patrick Tsie8ei (Sioui), Ngatiré Djaibé, Anglina Argento, Giovanni Monti, Ronald Pétion, Luke McCrory, Michel Tobal, Steeve Sahakian.





  1. Opening remarks:

Patrick welcomed everyone and chaired the meeting.    


  1. Review and approval of the Agenda:

John moved to approve the Agenda, Patrick seconded.

The Agenda was adopted unanimously; Miscellaneous items can still be added.


  1. Return to office:

Discussions about members’ expectations and the different conditions of the mandatory return to the office two days a week. Patrick advised members that the AFS Group filed a bad faith bargaining complaint with the Labour Relations Board through PIPSC. This will create a lot of work for us as Stewards.


  1. AGM at 5 p.m.:
  • Michel Tobal will take care of the technical side (he has all the equipment). Pierre Potvin, Director of the Region, brought us a projector and other equipment.
  • Patrick will present the President’s Report for feedback and suggestions.
  • Luke will present the 2022 Financial Reports and the budgets for approval at the AGM.
  1. New Executive Members:

We have lost several Stewards since the 2021 elections for three-year terms (ending December 31, 2024):

Ziaudinn Allamy has left the ARC;

Carole Pronovost has retired;

Pierre-Marc Fréchette and Julie Dalalhian now work for the Brossard office;


Ngatiré Djaibé has agreed to complete Carole Pronovost’s term;

Steeve Sahakian joined the Executive in 2022 to complete Pierre-Marc Fréchette’s term;

Angelina Argento joined the Executive in December 2022 to complete Julia Dalalhian’s term.

Réal Lesiège expressed his interest in becoming a member of the Executive. He is to become a Steward. Patrick moved for his inclusion on the Executive to complete Ziaudinn Alamy’s term. Luke McCrory seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously.

Michel Tobal, Montreal Centre Branch VP, expressed his interest in joining the Montreal AFS Sub-Group Executive. Patrick moved for his inclusion to complete the term ending December 31, 2024. Giovanni Monti seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously.


  1. Miscellaneous: n/a