The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

IMPORTANT:  Instructions to receive your Gift of Appreciation 

Dear PIPSC-AFS London Subgroup member,

For nearly two years now since the pandemic began our annual general meetings were postponed, we haven't had any "Koffee Klatches", nor our annual "Member Appreciation Pizza Day".

But that doesn't mean your London Subgroup has not had anything to do.  During our time away from the office we have remained busy assisting individual members and representing your concerns with management.

It is apparent that the London Subgroup members support their union based on the frequent and regular communication we continued to have with so many of you during the past couple of years.

Therefore, we would like to send you as a token of our appreciation a $20 gift card for Pizza Pizza and the 2022/23 PIPSC-AFS calendar. 

In order that we do not send your gift to an incorrect address, you will need to update or re-enter your mailing address with PIPSC through their website by March 11, 2022. (Revised Date)

Only those whose mailing addresses have been updated or re-entered between the date of this email and the deadline date of March 1st will be mailed their gift.

All you need to do is go to  On the home page under Member Tools click on Change of Address and enter your current mailing address.

I understand the stress that COVID has put in everyone's lives.  My condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one. My empathy to all those struggling with health issues, added responsibilities and other issues resulting from this pandemic. 

Just prior to the pandemic one of the issues your London Subgroup was actively working towards was more flexible work arrangements, especially the ability to work from home.  Well, thanks to the pandemic the ability to work from home has, and will continue, to exceed what we had hoped to accomplish.  Even in this pandemic a silver lining can be found.


In Solidarity,

Paul Andres, President

AFS London Subgroup