You are cordially invited to attend the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Laval Branch and
AFS Laval Sub-Group.

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 5:00 PM
Location: Wilfrid Pasta Bar 1974 Boul. Le Corbusier, Laval, QC H7S 2K1

At this meeting, we will discuss several topics, such as the elections of the positions in the Laval
Branch Executive, the meeting’s minutes of the previous AGM and the ongoing negotiations.

To participate, since places are limited to 50 participants, you must complete the
following online form:

2022 Annual General Meeting Laval Branch and AFS Laval Sub-Group:
1. Opening of the AGM
2. Adoption of the agenda
3. Matters arising from the minutes and approval of the minutes of the previous AGM
4. Presidents' reports
5. Annual financial reports
6. Approval of budgets
7. Laval Branch Executive Elections
8. Presentation of the new Laval Branch executive
9. Speeches by our guests
○ Jean Couillard, Regional representative of the AFSGroup
○ Pierre Potvin, Québec Regional Director
10. Miscellaneous
11. Drawing of door prizes
12. Adjournment

Laval Branch Election Notice
In accordance with the Laval Branch bylaws, all of the positions 11 will be up for election. The
elected candidates will take office on May 5, 2022, and will remain in office until April 2024.
In order to apply for any of these positions, candidates need to be a PIPSC member of the Laval
Branch region.

The nomination period ends at the beginning of the Branch Annual General Meeting (May 4,
2022). To become a candidate, please send the attached form to the Elections Committee

made up of Isabelle Vermette and Valérie Tremblay or express your interest on site (or by
proxy) before the AGM.

If a vote is necessary, the ballot will be held during the AGM.

The Chapter executive is made up of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer and
active members (maximum 7). The mandate of the members of the Executive is for a period of 2

The duties of the Laval Chapter Executive, including those of the positions listed above, are
listed in Section 6.2 of the Laval Chapter Bylaws.

For additional information, do not hesitate to communicate with the Election Committee, at the
following addresses:  or

Get a copy of the application form by clicking on the link below:
Formulaire de candidature-Election