PIPSC AFS Kelowna Subgroup

Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2020


Meeting called to order at 12:00, via zoom by President, Gwil Walters.

Present: Gwil Walters, David Aliverti, Natalee Guttman, and Rob Hubbard

Absent: Cathy Harrison

Old Business:

  • Memory project & Newsletter went out on December 1, 2020 by email and will be available in print in the office in January, 2021. The memory project will be posted on the SITSO Notebook once approved by the Director’s office. 

New Business:

President’s report – Gwil Walters

  • Gwil provided a summary of the key points from the December 5, 2020 National AGM
    • PIPSC continues talks with the employer regarding T2020s. 
    • PIPSC continues to monitor and address staffing concerns raised by employees. 
    • Reminder to all employees that MS Teams is not a secure system. 

Financial Statement Approvals (Background)

  • The PIPSC Board of Directors discussed the concerns raised by constituent bodies and their ability to access funds from PIPSC as a result of the inability of many constituent bodies not being able to hold their AGM. The board approved that 2021 allowances may be released provided that the constituent bodies provide the following documents for the 2021 annual allowance:
    • Draft minutes of their Executive Meeting
    • Draft budget as approved at their Executive Meeting;
    • Year-end financial statements approved at their Executive Meeting. 

Secretaries report – Natalee Guttman

  • Copies of the 2019, 2020, financial statements ad 2021 Budget were provided to Gwil Walters, Dave Aliverti, Rub Hubbard and Cathy Harrison prior to the meeting. 
  • Provided brief overview of 2019 Financial Statement and 2021 Budget. 
  • Discussed the importance of leaving sufficient funds to cover New Year expenses. 
  • A motion to accept the 2019 Financials and 2021 Budget was carried. 

Round Table

David Aliverti

  • Discussion on member’s health and wellness including on-site first aid scheduling. 

Rob Hubbard

  • Discussion on keeping updated contact information while working at home office. 
  • Discussed “Me Too” clause. Members should expect to see a $100 payment, at some point, to address the discrepancy between PSAC’s signing bonus ($500) and PIPSC signing bonus ($400). 


The meeting was adjourned at 12:30. 


Minutes Submitted By: Natalee Guttman