AFS IOTSO Sub-Group AGM Meeting Minutes – Final

Date: March 28, 2018

Location: Tucker’s Marketplace – 61 York Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5T2.

Agenda Item / Discussion / Follow-up

Call To Order

Bryan Adderley, AFS Sub-Group President, called the meeting to order at 17:51

Roll Call

Executive and Stewards present:

Bryan Adderley
Amanda Volpe
Burgess Antroliwalla
Raj Darji
Michael Kenny
Michael Patterson
Kalman Estrin
Lee Cunningham
Tom Iwinski
Michelle Tran
Tom Chamberlain
Zita Parry
Tony D’Arienzo
Matthieu Dufault
Mohammad Ghazali
Michael Kocher


Doug Mason, President, AFS Group
Shawn Gillis, Ontario Representative for AFS National Executive, member of bargaining team
Allaudin Alibhai, NCR-IT Region AFS Representative, member of bargaining team

President’s Remark

President welcomed all members and invited guests.

President informed the house on positions up for election:

  • VicePresident
  • Treasurer
  • 4 Membersat-Large (2 Year Term)
  • 2 Members-at-Large (1 Year Term)

Adoption of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda.
Moved by:  Kalman Estrin
Seconded by: Tom Iwinski


Adoption of the Rules of Procedure

Motion to approve the use of STURGIS.
Moved by: Kalman Estrin
Seconded by: Michael Patterson


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

No issues identified.
Motion to approve the minutes.
Moved by: Michael Kocher
Seconded by: Michael Kenny


Business Arising from the Minutes


Nominations and Elections

Call for nominations of Vice-President:

1st call: Michael Kenny nominated by Kalman Estrin. Accepted.

2nd call: None.

3rd call: None.

Michael Kenny as Vice-President by acclamation.

Call for nominations of Treasurer:

1st call: Burgess Antroliwalla nominated by Haroon Rashid.

2nd call: None.

3rd call: None.

Burgess Antroliwalla as Treasurer by acclamation.

Call for nominations of Member at Large:

1st call: Matthieu Dufault nominated by Kalman Estrin. Accepted.

Tom Iwinski nominated by Michael Kenny.Accepted.

Kalman Estrin nominated by Michael Patterson. Accepted.

Jason Payne nominated by Jennifer Welyhorsky. Accepted.

Tony D’Arienzo nominated by Sumit Katyal. Accepted.

2nd call: None.

3rd call:  Molly Dong nominated by Michael Kenny. Accepted.

Call for speeches.

Vote conducted.


  1. Tom Iwinski – 2 Year Term
  2. Kalman Estrin – 2 Year Term
  3. Matthieu Dufault – 2 Year Term
  4. Jason Payne – 2 Year Term
  5. Tony D’Arienzo – 1 Year Term
  6. Molly Dong – 1 Year Term

Motion to destroy the ballots after 30 days:

Moved by: Zita Parry

Seconded by: ____


Report of the Officers

No reports.

Treasurer’s Report

Burgess Antroliwalla, Treasurer, discussed the financials for the 2017 year, the 2018 Budget as approved at the 2017 AGM and the 2019 Budget Proposal.  (Please see attachment below.)

Apologies were provided for the misprint – the 2019 Budget Proposal was erroneously left out of the handouts. Questions may be posed at this time and/or members may follow up with the executive members for a copy of the Proposed Budget.

Motion to approve the 2018 Financial Statements.
Moved by: Amanda Volpe
Seconded by: Bryan Adderley


Motion to approve the 2019 Budget:

Notes: The proposal is the same as the 2018 proposed budget (which is included in the handouts) where we are expected $XX in revenues and $XX in expenses resulting in a $XX surplus.
Moved by: Kalman Estrin
Seconded by: Matthieu Dufault

It shall be noted that members would appreciate having all the required information printed and accessible during the meetings.


Guest Speakers/Bargaining Update: Doug Mason & Shawn Gillis

An agreement was reached on September 23, 2017 and agreed upon by a large majority.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is mandated to have the Treasury Board (TB) approve the agreement. The CRA sent the agreement to the TB in January of 2018. In February of 2018 the TB released a non-objection letter and forwarded this to the Council for approval. After receiving the Order of Council on/around March 21st, the agreements was sent to the Governor General to receive the Royal Assent. On March 28th, the team received a formal invitation to sign the agreement and it will be signed on March 29th. On this date, the agreement will come into effect.

There is a 150 day limit for all salary adjustments to be in place; it is likely that the pay corrections will be in place sooner than PSAC implementation.

It’s taken six months for this agreement to be effected.The union took 89 days to conduct their responsibilities. This included preparing, translating and sending out the package to 12,000 members. Conducting 150 presentations to members. Conducting the vote, verifying the results of the vote, communicating the results of the vote and notifying the CRA that the agreement was accepted.

The CRA then took 99 days after being notified to complete their responsibilities. This included submitting the agreement to the TB and obtaining a non-objection letter. The obtaining the Order of Council and the Royal Assent and lastly, distributing the invitation to sign.

Update: The agreement was signed on March 29th, 2018.

Bill C-45 of 2012 changed the way that the CRA may negotiate their agreements and dictates this TB process.  Legislative changes are required for this to go away.

The new round of bargaining has begun again. A bargaining survey will soon be distributed to the members and a sub-group president’s meeting has been scheduled. These are some of the ways that bargaining priorities will be established and list will be drawn up. A Request to Bargain can be submitted at any time after the current agreement is signed however, it won’t be issued until the bargaining team feels prepared.

The details of the Health Care Plan are being worked out by Mother PIPSC and not by the bargaining team themselves.

Back-pay will be calculated by local compensation agents but will be processed by Phoenix.

A press release about Phoenix will be published in the upcoming weeks.

New Business

A motion supported by sub-groups obtains priority over motions supported by individuals when put forward to PIPSC National.

Members to review the attachment.
Motion to submit the Resolution to the AFS AGM in November with the support of the IOTSO Sub-Group:
Moved by: Kalman Estrin
Seconded by: Michael Kenny


Additional comments: There is the possibility that amendments may be suggested along the way, especially after the financial group costs it out.

Motion to submit the Resolution to the NCR Council Meeting in April with the support of the IOTSO Sub-Group:
Moved by: Kalman Estrin
Seconded by: Michael Kenny



Motion to adjourn the AGM at 19:00.
Moved by Edgar Watts.