Topic and Discussion


  1. Call to order and Welcome

Brian indicated quorum had been met and called the meeting to order at 6:00PM.

Attending in Person:  Brian Busby, Andra Weis, James Armstrong, Daryl Boychuk, Audrey Wojcik, Nitin Chowdhary

Regrets:  Art lwinski

Other:  Louise Lepore, Tabatha Fuller

Agenda was provided electronically prior to the meeting.

Brian Busby

  1. Approval of Agenda Items

Draft meeting agenda was included with the meeting invitation via email on January 11, 2024.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Call to Order and Welcome 
  • Approval of Agenda Items, including any additions
  • Introduction of New Executive Member 
  • Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting 
  • Headquarters Regional AFS Representative - Remarks
  • UMA Discussion - what to expect, etc.
  • Financial Update from the Treasurer
  • AGM 2024 planning update
  • Roundtable
  • Adjournment

Daryl Boychuk moved the motion to approve the draft agenda. Motion seconded by James Armstrong. Motion carried.

Andra Weis

  1. Minutes from Prior Meeting

A draft copy of the minutes of the December 12, 2023 executive meeting was amended and resent to the executive on January 11, 2024.

Motion: To approve the amended minutes of the December 12, 2023 meeting as presented to the executive.

Brian moved and James seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Andra Weis

  1. Headquarters Regional AFS Representative - Remarks

Abraham Garcia, the HQ AFS regional representative, sent his regrets but wanted to inform the executive the updated pay scales for AFS are now posted.

Abraham Garcia

  1. AFS HQ Sub-Group - Executive open positions

Welcome to Nitin Chowdhary. Nitin provided a brief bio which included the following:  He has held the position of Ottawa TSO President as well as being a steward for 10 years.


Brian Busby

  1. Finance Report

from the Treasurer

James advised us that he had submitted our 2023 y/e financial statements to Finance regarding our 2024 allotment. James was informed that we must also submit the AGM minutes and election report for 2024 annual allowance. Therefore, we must wait until after our AGM to receive our 2024 allotment.


Review of the Sub-Group’s finances with the treasurer indicates the sub-group is in good financial shape.

James Armstrong

  1. UMA sessions

Discussed the schedule of UMA sessions being presented in January and February. Steward facilitator are needed as well as any steward (new or old) who has not had the training needs to attend. 

Andra Weis

  1. AGM 2024 Planning

Brian indicated the location/venue for the 2024 Sub-Group AGM still needs to be researched and selected.  A date was chosen - October 24, 2024, pending venue availability. A brief discussion of venue was held.

Brian Busby

  1. Round Table

Everyone discussed having meetings at this location. We were able to get a lot accomplished and the location is convenient as well as accessible.


  1. Adjournment

The date, type and location of the next Sub-Group executive meeting is as follows:


Date: March 26, 2024 - 5:30 pm

Type: In person

Location: PIPSC Head Office at 250 Tremblay.

Invitation to come from PIPSC at a later date (or so I am told).


Meeting closed at 7:02 pm.


Brian Busby