Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 5:30pm

Location: Delta Hotel - Ottawa, 101 Lyon St. N., Ottawa, ON 

Special Guests in Attendance: Jennifer Carr (PIPSC President), Stacy McLaren  (PIPSC NCR Director, Trustee over AFS HQ Subgroup), Doug Mason (AFS Group  President), Mark Muench (PIPSC NCR Director), Tom Kirkpatrick (PIPSC National  Elections Committee Chair), Patrick Provost (PIPSC National Elections Committee member)


Topic and Discussion


Welcoming and  Open Remarks

The 2022 AGM was called to order at 5:30pm by Stacy  McLaren, NCR Director and trustee over the AFS Headquarters  Subgroup. The Subgroup was put into trusteeship as a result  of inconsistencies in the Subgroup executive elections held in  December 2021, thereby necessitating another election to form  the Subgroup executive.

Stacy McLaren

PIPSC President’s  Remarks

PIPSC President Jennifer Carr made brief opening remarks and  provided an update on PIPSC’s current activities, collective  bargaining activities and the current pandemic situation.

Jennifer Carr

AFS Group 



AFS Group President Doug Mason made brief remarks  concerning the Group’s upcoming round of collective  bargaining with the CRA, which will commence in the fall.  Consultations were underway with group members in this  regard. Also, Mason said the group’s AGM would be held this  month in London, ON.

Doug Mason


Topic and Discussion


AFS Subgroup  Executive 


Tom Kirkpatrick and Patrick Provost, members from PIPSC  National Elections Committee, presided over the elections to fill  the positions on the Subgroup executive. The open positions,  and the successful candidate, were as follows (with the  position’s term noted in parenthesis):

President (one year) - Bruce Buchardt

Vice-President (two years) - Brian Busby

Treasurer (one year) - James Armstrong

Secretary (two years) - Patrick McIver

Directors/Members-at-large (two years) - Daryl Boychuk, Earle  Loftman, Andra Weis, Audrey Wojcik

Directors/Members-at-large (one year) - Lin Bian, Louise  Lepore, Jasen Spry

Tom Kirkpatrick  and Patrick 



Following the election of the new Subgroup executive, Stacy  McLaren thanked those present for attending the AGM, and  called for an adjournment of the AGM. No disagreement from  members present. Meeting adjourned.

Stacy McLaren