Location: Madison’s New York Grill & Bar-189 Lyon St N, Ottawa, ON K1R 5C1.

Present: Susan Amog-Hassall, Brian Hassall, Andra Weis, Domingo Chavez, Nick Watson, Muhammad Alam, Jyoti Tanotra, Art Iwinski , April Chen, Abraham Garcia, Chris Patterson, Michael Kenny.

Regrets: Michael Paterson.





Call to Order


Susan announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 4:45PM.

Agenda was provided electronically. Moved by Muhammad and seconded by Domingo. Carried.



Previous Minutes and AGM Minutes

Minutes of the previous executive meeting was sent out electronically. Minutes were reviewed and discussed by the members.


Minutes moved as amended by Muhammad and seconded by Domingo.  Carried.


PIPSC AFS-Headquarters Subgroup SGM Minutes were reviewed and discussed during the meeting. Minutes moved as amended by Abraham and seconded by Muhammad.  Carried.




New Executives




Susan welcomed new executive to the AFS SG executive Michael Kenny.

There was a motion by Michael Kenny to appoint Jyoti Tanotra to the Director’s position of Member at Large/ Director until the next election. Seconded by Domingo. Motion Carried.

Jyoti was appointed as an executive in AFS SG HQ Executive till the next post-AGM meeting. On a bases of the Michael Paterson absence.


Brian explained that according to the By-Laws the person after being absent from three (3) executives’ meetings can be replaced by another person. That person can be appointed by the executives until the time of the next election - when the position is up for the election. 


Abraham recommended to express thanks for Michael by sending and email to Michael for his service.






UMA update and scheduling



Susan provided an update on Union Management Approach development up to date and disused upcoming plans. There are too many UMA sessions scheduled to talk about it individually. Andra provides with the up to date schedule by emails.


Susan reminded everyone who facilities or participates in UMA to ask managers for permission.








Bargaining Wrap up




Agreement signed on August 23, 2019.


Tentative date for economic increase is in December 2019.


No announcement on retro pay.








SG AGM Wrap up and Post-mortem





Positive feedback











600 delegates attending AGM this year. All delegates should already have a confirmation. Brian reminded the delegates to pay attention of being NCR versus AFS delegates.

Please check the information package on PIPSC web site.





Future Meeting





Susan provided few dates for the next AFS SG meetings.

All agreed to have Christmas brunch on January 12, 2020.










Financial Position


Nick explained the financial position and presented the bank balance. We are within the budget.






Domingo moved and Abraham seconded that the meeting to be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.