Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023

Location: Madison’s Restaurant and Grill

In Attendance: Brian Busby, Andra Weis, James Armstrong, Patrick McIver, Daryl Boychuk, Tabitha Fuller, Louise Lepore, Earle Loftman (by telephone), Audrey Wojcik

Absent: Art Iwinski (with regrets), Abraham Garcia (with regrets)



Topic and Discussion


Call to Order and


Brian Busby announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:39 pm.

Brian Busby

Approval of Agenda Items

Patrick McIver sent all executive members a draft copy of the meeting agenda items on October 23, 2023 by e-mail. No additional revisions were requested or made.


Andra Weis moved the motion to approve the draft agenda. Motion seconded by Audrey Wojcik. Motion carried.

Patrick McIver

Minutes from Prior Meeting

The draft copy of the minutes from the August 24, 2023 executive meeting was distributed by e-mail shortly following the meeting. Patrick received responses from the majority of executive members who informed they want to no changes made to the circulated draft copy.


Therefore, on September 19, 2023, the minutes were considered approved and a copy of the minutes were transmitted to PIPSC for publishing on the AFS HQ Subgroup’s webpage.  The minutes were published on the webpage on October 11, 2023.

Patrick McIver

Headquarters Region AFS Representative - Remarks

Abraham Garcia, the HQ AFS regional representative, was invited, but unfortunately was unable to attend the meeting.

Abraham Garcia


Subgroup -

Executive Open


At the Subgroup’s September 7, 2023 annual general meeting (AGM), Subgroup Vice-President Brian Busby was elected Subgroup President, to a two-year term. As a result of Brian’s election, the position of Subgroup Vice-President is currently vacant.  The Subgroup executive decided it was necessary to have a member occupy that position, on an acting basis, until the next AGM.


Current Subgroup director/member-at-large Andra had been acting as Subgroup vice-president following the retirement/resignation of former Subgroup president Bruce Buchardt. Brian nominated Andra to continue acting as Subgroup vice-president. Andra accepted the nomination. No other executive member expressed interest in acting as Subgroup vice-president. Therefore, Andra acclaimed to the position of Subgroup vice-president, on an acting basis, until the next AGM.


Patrick noted that the banking signing authorities on the Subgroup’s bank account should be amended to reflect the new indivdiuals and their positions.

Brian Busby

Finance Report from the Treasurer

James Armstrong sent out an updated financial statement to the executive prior to the meeting. Discussion held over the financials presented and, in particular, about the cost of the recent AGM.

James Armstrong

AGM 2023 Debrief

The Subgroup’s 2023 AGM was held on September 7, 2023.  There were about 45-50 Subgroup members in attendance.


The executive discussed various topics, including the cost effectiveness of the venue/meal and the size of the space used at the venue, whether it could accommodate any more members, and the desire expressed by many members for a hybrid (virtual) option to attend/participate in the “business” component of the AGM (no meal).  There was a consensus that the executive will investigate its options for how a hybrid AGM can be held in 2024.


The executive also discussed the timing for the 2024 AGM. In order to give the Subgroup as many possible venue options as possible, it was decided to select the date for the AGM.


Earle Loftman moved the motion for the next AGM to be held either Wednesday, October 23, 2024 or Thursday, October 24, 2024. Motion seconded by Tabitha Fuller. Motion passed.


The Subgroup will now work to identify potential venues who have availabilities on either of these dates.


Brian Busby

Collective Bargaining Tentative Agreement

On September 19, 2023, the AFS Group’s bargaining committee announced a tentative agreement was reached between the CRA and AFS.  Brian updated the Subgroup executive on the ratification activities currently underway within the Group, and the Subgroup, to inform members of the tentative agreement and its details. Abraham, the Subgroup’s regional representative on the national AFS executive, is holding in-person information sessions, but there will also be virtual sessions available for members.  Information for members will continue to be distributed leading up to the ratification votes, expected to be held between November 10 to November 24, 2023.


Brian Busby

Union-Management Approach (UMA)

Brian updated the Subgroup executive on the current rollout of UMA training for CRA management and AFS members. Advised that Abraham is currently coordinating the sessions, which are in-person sessions, 3-4 hours in length and has CRA management as participants. Sessions rolling out starting in November 2023.


Brian Busby

Round Table

Andra – Reminded the Subgroup executive that the Ottawa -Centreville Branch is holding a stewards event at Dooley’s on November 7, 2023. Invited everybody who are stewards on the executive to attend and bring a friend!


Audrey – Informed the executive that many of the power banks distributed at the September AGM have been found to be defective. She communicated with the supplier who agreed to replace them. Anybody with a defective power bank can exchange it with Audrey once the new power banks have been received.


Audrey – Want to discuss the put-on-hold Subgroup meet-and-greet that had originally been planned for August. Decision made to hold it on Tuesday, December 5, 2023 or Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at the Royal Oak at 180 Kent (date dependent on venue availability). Audrey to call the Royal Oak to inquire on availability.


Tabitha – Asked the executive to consider establishing committees so a smaller group of executive members could work on advancing a particular issue. Issue will be discussed at future meetings.



Close of Meeting

The date of the next Subgroup executive meeting will be on Tuesday, December 12, 2023 at a place to be determined.


Daryl made the motion to close the meeting. Audrey seconded it. No objections. Meeting closed at 7:51.  


Brian thanked everybody for attending the meeting.


Brian Busby