Date:               Wednesday October 20, 2021

Location:         Zoom Meeting

Present:           April Chen, Abraham Garcia, Michael Kenny, Michael Patterson, Nick Watson, and Andra Weis


Regrets:           Art Iwinski, Chris Patterson, and Jyoti Tanotra





Call to order.


Abraham announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.





Abraham discussed the agenda items and inquired if any members of the executive would like to add anything. The executive agreed on the set agenda as proposed by Abraham.





Abraham indicated the PIPSC AGM was being held on November 7th, 2021. It will be virtual.





Abraham has been attending BUMC sessions since the retirements of Brian and Susan Hassall. Some members of the executive had discussed the possibility of attending a BUMC meeting with Abraham. Abraham inquired with Dan Quinn and was informed that at the current time he was not in favour of having other executive members attend BUMC meetings. Abraham was advised to review the BUMC Terms of Reference to see if there is mention of who would have authority to determine who may attends the meetings.



Sub-Group AGM


With provincial COVID-19 restrictions easing, the executive agreed it was a good opportunity to hold an in-person sub-group AGM.

Items that were discussed:

  • Virtual vs. In-person
    • There was a discussion if the AGM should be virtual or in-person. It was agreed that an in-person meeting would be most desired.
    • Andra raised the point that members may be upset if they cannot go to an in-person meeting.
  • Times and days to host the meeting
    • The board agreed that either a weekend lunch or weekday dinner would garner that best turnout.
  • Location
    • No location has been confirmed as of yet.
    • Factors to consider included the venue’s general location, capacity limits, accessibility by transit, and available parking.
  • Anticipated membership turn-out.
    • It was acknowledged that there may be a risk that membership turnout for the AGM may be impacted by the venue and COVID-19 restrictions


Action: The executive agreed that all board members would do some research into potential venues, and another meeting would be scheduled shortly to discuss people’s findings.



Round Table


Nick raised the point that it’s becoming more common for CRA management to give un-advertised permanent promotions and some members were becoming increasingly frustrated at the increase in frequency of these.

Michael P. indicated that there is no end date for resource, and thus if an employee can demonstrate they would be a better candidate at any point in the future, they could be successful in their recourse.





Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.