AFS-SG HQ-Executive Meeting

(Special meeting)


Date: January 14, 2021. 

Location: MS Teams Meeting.

Present: Susan Amog-Hassall, Brian Hassall, Andra Weis, Domingo Chavez, Nick Watson, Muhammad Alam, Jyoti Tanotra, April Chen, Abraham Garcia, Michael Patterson, Michael Kenny, Art Iwinski.


Regrets: Chris Patterson





Call to order.

Susan announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. 



Brian explained the reason for the meeting. 

After AFS Group Executive Elections: 3 complaints were made, and all 3 candidates were deemed to be in violation of the AFS Code of Conduct. He further explained the result of the Elections Committee final review. As a result of the review another candidate was elected as a Headquarters Regional Representative in place of the Muhammad.

Brian explained the By-Laws requirements in relation to the existing circumstances.


After Muhammad’s statement and Executives discussion all agreed that the result of the previous AFS-SG HQ election is valid, and Abraham Garcia remains as an AFS-SG HQ Vice President (VP).




Review Committee


There was a discussion about possibility of holding our first ever virtual AFS-SG HQ’s AGM and Executives virtual election in 2021.


Brian suggested that the By-Laws should be considered before making any decision. 


The following Executive members agreed to form the Review Committee to research the By-laws and other existing circumstances and present the during the next AFS-SG HQ meeting.


Chair of the Committee: Michael Patterson.

Committee members: Jyoti Tanotra; Andra Weis; Michael Kenny.


There was no other discussion with respect to the election.




Round table


All agreed to have next meeting being organised on February 17. 





Abraham moved and Andra seconded for the meeting to be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Abraham/ Andra.