AFS-SG HQ-Executive Meeting

Date: August 07, 2019.

Location: Madison’s New York Grill & Bar-189 Lyon St N, Ottawa, ON K1R 5C1.

Present: Susan Amog-Hassall, Domingo Chavez, Nick Watson, Muhammad Alam, Jyoti Tanotra, Andra Weis, Art Iwinski and Brian Hassall.

Regrets: April Chen, Abraham Garcia, Chris Patterson, Michael Patterson.







Call to Order


Susan announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:00PM.


Agenda was provided electronically. Moved by Muhammad and seconded by Domingo. Carried.



Previous Minutes

Minutes of the previous executive meeting was sent out electronically.


Minutes moved as amended by Muhammad and seconded by Domingo.  Carried.



Financial Position

Financial position presentation including the allocation of funding for this year. Nick explained the money savings on Mobilizations and presented the bank balance.

We discussed options for AGM venue.

Nick answered questions asked by Susan and Brian.



President’s Report


Susan lead the discussion on Mobilization issues at Minto and Place de Ville. P-d-V can create a lot of additional traffic due to the new development in the area. There will be no event at Minto this year.


Susan updated on the UMC (Union Management Committee).

There will be UMA trainings and many half- day workshops.

Susan asked for volunteers to attend and/or facilitate the sessions.


Susan asked 3 to 4 to volunteer to attend the session and participate in training to become a facilitator.

A facilitator’s guide will be provided.


Nick, Jyoti, Andra, and Art volunteered to be facilitators.


The first session will be in September provided by Susan and Brian.

That will provide the training possibility for new facilitators.


Susan explained the mandate of UMA.


Schedules for Appeals.

Attending volunteers for Monday, September 30, Art and Domingo with Brian and Susan facilitating the session


Volunteers for October 17, Nick volunteered as a facilitator and Muhammad and Andra sit in.

There will be emails to confirm participation.


There was a request for $500 for a reception in September to encourage stewards to participate in UMA.


Moved by Susan and seconded by Domingo. Carried.


Steward Council in September was discussed. Susan put the motion for $500 funding for stewards’ caucus, seconded by Domingo. Carried. 








Chief Steward/ Advisor Report

Union Management Approach (UMA)

Brian updated on the Collective Agreement ratification process.


There were information sessions in July provided by Brian at the Ottawa Library. Considering summertime, the sessions were well attended.





Visibility Promotional Items

The visibility items were provided to the members.




Case discussions

Few cases were briefly discussed.



Round table



Preparation for next AGM was discussed. According to the AGM election report from October 18, 2018 the election was held for the following positions on the AFS-HQ Sub-Group Executive: Vice-President, Secretary, and 4 Directors.


The following members were elected for the 2-year term: Muhammad Alam, Art Iwinski, Domingo Chavez, Abraham Garcia, Chris Patterson, Michael Patterson. For all other AFS-HQ Sub-Group Executives their term comes to the end this year. 





Brian moved and Domingo seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 6:10 PM.