AFS-SG HQ-Executive Meeting



Date:               April 14, 2021.

Location:         Zoom Meeting.

Present:           Susan Amog-Hassall, Brian Hassall, Andra Weis, Nick Watson, April Chen, Abraham Garcia, Michael Kenny, Jyoti Tanotra, Art Iwinski.



Regrets:           Chris Patterson, Michael Patterson, Domingo Chavez.          .






Call to order.


Abraham asked Brian to chair the meeting. Brian announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m.






Brian explained the main purpose of the meeting. Agenda provided electronically.  Abraham made a motion to approve the Agenda, seconded by Andra. Agenda approved.


Minutes from the previous meeting (February 17) will be email to the executive for their approval.




President Report




Susan announced that she officially retired, and Brian will retire at the end of this week. From now on Abraham is the interim President of AFS HQ-SG till the next election. Abraham accepted the position.


Brian asked if any member is interested in VP position created by Abraham being appointed as the President.


Andra expressed interest becoming the interim VP for the AFS HQ-SG. No other member expressed the same interest in the position. Jyoti made a motion and seconded by Art to appoint Andra as an interim VP of the AFS HQ-SG. Motion approved.





Financial Report

Nick Watson explained the current financial situation. Highlighting that there are minimal expenditures this fiscal year due to the Covid-19.


Nick Watson


New Business





Round Table









Brian announced that PIPSC Board of Directors confirmed the Status quo with respect of the Executives elections until farther notice (i.e., AGM is postponed until farther notice).


Brian suggested to discuss the vacant Executive position at the AFS HQ-SG at the next meeting.

Abraham thanked Brian for chairing the meeting and thanked all the members for putting their trust in Abraham as the new interim President. Abraham congratulated Andra for being elected as the new interim VP.




Abraham moved and Michael seconded for the meeting to be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.













Abraham/ Michael.