Meeting of the Executive of the Hamilton AFS Subgroup, and The Hamilton Branch - Thursday February 8, 2024

5:30 p.m.

Innsville Restaurant, Stony Creek

Executive In Attendance:

Branch:   Tony D’Amico, Ward Cluff, Roxane McMillan, Joe Stanziani, Jaspreet Gill, Heather Geddes, Chris Bozek

Subgroup: Ward Cluff, Zaigham Butt, Joe Stanziani, Roxane McMillan, Tony D’Amico, Allan Laaksonen, Ken Bald, Lucy Bourak, Heather Geddes, Jaspreet Gill, Chris Bozek, Joanne Haslip

  1. Collective Agreement Discussion

Discussed compressed work schedules. Work hours can be between 6am to 6pm per collective agreement. We have a memorandum of understanding regarding this.  

  1. ROOP

Return to Office. Discussed issues regarding this. Members do not have to make up in office time if sick or on vacation. Lots of accommodations requests are coming in. Members are able to have a Union member attend them in their accommodation meeting.

Problem: some people checking into their office desk from home. This is a problem.

  1. Doctor’s notes

Discussed that CRA should reimburse members for doctor’s notes. Some people have had issues with this.  Some TLs have sent forms to doctors without the member’s knowledge. This is an issue.

  1. Total members

Currently, we have 334 members in our group. This is more than before so allowances will go up. Treasurer will apply for these. They need elections report, approval of budget, financial statements, and minutes from the AGM to apply.

  1. Branch AGM

Suggested to change AGM date. Was changed to close to Christmas during covid. Voted on the change to the Spring and it passed. Secretary will have to amend the by-law in order to make the change. Will be in May.

  1. Finance

Will apply to Better Together Funding for events this year.  Talked about bank balances and what we will get for funding this year.

  1. Events

Planning on Buffalo Bisons Game in June.

Rainbow Coffee Day in June

Food Day in the office in September & tie it in with Truth & Reconciliation Day.

  1. CPP deductions

CPP deduction maximum is increasing. Our pension benefit amount will not increase.

  1. Fiscal year end

Ward will email members about leave balances, taking personal leaves, family related leaves and expiring times.

  1. Equipment

Members who do not have a 2nd monitor or chair can make requests through Winfast.

  1. OSH Committee

Made a list of alternates who can attend the OSH (Occupational Safety and Health Committee). Roxane McMillan, Allan Laaksonen, Jaspreet Gill, Zaigham Butt, Ken Bald offered to be alternates.