9:30 a.m.


Guy-Favreau Complex, West Tower, Room 601-11


Members of the Executive:





Alexandre Martel




Alexandre Thomas

Acting Vice-President



Sophie Laporte




Inga Chiriliuc




Kabeya Kankolongo




Richard Martin




Luigi Salituri






  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Access to the common mailbox and shared drive of the common mailbox
  4. Scanning documents
  5. National activities
  6. Group activities
  7. Regional activities
  8. Branch activities
  9. Sub-Group activities
  10. Adoption of the minutes
  11. Adjournment




Call to order: 9:38 a.m. Welcome.


Approval of the agenda: Moved by Alexandre Martel, seconded by Alexandre Thomas.


Access to the common mailbox and shared drive of the common mailbox

  1. The password has been disclosed to the members of the Executive.
  2. Everyone has access to the common mailbox and shared drive.
  3. The order established in the folders in the common mailbox should be maintained.
  4. Ideally add the common mailbox to your cellphone/personal computer, as the mailbox and reader cannot be accessed through the employer’s network.
  5. CC the mailbox to get access to documents and information outside the CRA network.


The Executive has obtained access to the common mailbox.


Scanning documents

  1. The President borrowed the binder with the Sub-Group documents so that all of the information could be scanned and put on the shared drive of the common mailbox.
  2. Ideally, the Sub-Group should go paperless.
  3. Alexandre Thomas will copy the documents he has onto the shared drive.


The Executive committed to maintaining a paperless Sub-Group file.


National activities

  1. PIPSC organized some webinars, including one on sick leave in March and another on bargaining in April. The President attended and put the slides shown at the meetings on the shared drive.
  2. Some promotional materials have been ordered. The promotional materials we receive will be kept in the Executive filing cabinet. Funding is available for events (on a quarterly basis):
    1. What topic would interest members?


Mental health

Harassment (selection of members based on surveys or feedback)

    1. Who would be the guest speaker?
    2. Who would like to be in charge?

                        Alexandre Thomas will contact the regional representative.

  1. Meeting of the AFS Sub-Group Presidents on June 6 and 7, 2019 in Winnipeg
  2. AFS AGM: June 8, 2019, in Winnipeg


The National activities were shared with the Executive.




Group activities

Two new cases won by PIPSC on:

  1. Harassment in the workplace: Doro v. Canada Revenue Agency (Public Service Alliance of Canada) and
  2. Unsatisfactory performance cannot justify an increment deferral or demotion: Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada v. Treasury Board.


The Group activities were shared with the Executive.


Regional activities

Debriefing on the Quebec Regional Council. Alexandre Thomas, Sophie Laporte and Kabeya Kankolongo were present (National AGM, various presentations, union visibility, Tentative agreement reached on Phoenix damages).


The regional activities were shared with the Executive.


Branch activities

Dinner with Branch Executive: The Branch was open to a joint AGM with us next year. A joint AGM will be held in March 2020 to limit costs.


The Branch activities were shared with the Executive.


Sub-Group activities

  1. Presidents call:
    1. President: summary of Presidents call on 2019-03-26
    2. Vice-President: summary of Presidents call on 2019-05-07

                       Minutes are now, or will soon be, available on the shared drive.

  1. Debriefing on the 2019 meeting:
    1. Sub-Group

                       Send proposed By-Law amendments in advance to…

                       Invite the AFS Regional Representative

    1. Branch           
  1. Grievance training
    1. Who attended the training?

No Executive members

    1. Who wants to take the training?

Alexandre Martel

Inga Chiriliuc

  1. Email communications by the Secretary:
    1. Executive personal email

All Executive members are going to get a PIPSC email address.

    1. Collect everyone’s personal email address to communicate pressure tactics and provide flyers, pop-sockets, etc.

Alexandre Martel - Richard Martin, Benoit Martineau

Alexandre Thomas - Arold Expérience

Kabeya - Sylvain Gauthier

Inga Chiriliuc - Francine Ferguson, Ghislain Laporte, Julie Montpetit, Martin Gagnon, Lyne Joyal

Luigi Salituri - Martin Juneau

Luigi will prepare a distribution list with hidden email addresses

    1. Bilingual
    2. Introduce the new Executive
    3. Request comments on the meeting
    4. Provide information on the summer activity
    5. Ask to sign the commitment
    6. Send the a link to the proposals made at the central table
    7. Send a link to the Do Better campaign (wallpaper, cell screens, etc.)
    8. Ask about needs related to the collective agreement
    9. Request topics for quarterly lunches with union
    10. Indicate the pressure tactics
    11. Point out that the latest PIPSC minutes and announcements will be posted on the bulletin board
  1. Discussions on issues affecting the Floor
    1. SSC to CRA
    2. Unpaid increment
    3. Phoenix
    4. SP-6 to AU-1
    5. Interpersonal relationships
  2. Keeping the bulletin board up to date
    1. Who wants to be in charge?
    2. Post the latest PIPSC minutes and announcements

Inga Chiriliuc will post the most recent minutes

Kabeya Kankolongo will post the PIPSC announcements

  1. Structure of AU-3/AU-4 profiles based on specialties
    1. Who wants to be in charge?

Alexandre Thomas will take care of the profiles based on specialities

  1. Annual investigations meeting: Contribution of prizes/drinks
    1. Money available
    2. Amount
    3. Logistics

Alexandre Martel will ask the Branch representative for more information.

  1. Christmas party: Contribution of prizes/drinks
    1. Available cash
    2. Amount
    3. Logistics

Alexandre Martel will ask the Branch representative for more information.

  1. By-law amendments
    1. Voting by proxy
    2. Remove the part saying you can enter an election up until the date of the election and change it to one week prior.
    3. Make the election dates and positions consistent with the Branch dates and positions.
    4. Who wants to be in charge?

Alexandre Martel will get information on this matter.

  1. Items discussed at the last union-management meeting
    1. Minutes not yet available but will be put on the shared drive once obtained from the director.
  1. Monthly meetings with the management team
    1. Next meeting: June 3, 2019
    2. Topics to be brought forward

      Inform management of quarterly dinners

      Structure of AU-3/AU-4 profiles based on specialties

      Training opportunities - common emails

  1. Planning of the next joint AGM with Montréal-Centre

The Sub-Group activities have been determined and tasks have been distributed among the Executive members.


Minutes: The President proposed the adoption of the minutes prepared live. Carried unanimously.


Adjournment: The President moved that the meeting be adjourned. Carried unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.