L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

PIPSC – NWT Region Branch
Annual General Meeting 2016
February 20th, 2017
Nova Hotel, 6:00 pm.

In Attendance:    


Nazim Awan        Chairperson
Billy Maltus        Vice-Chairperson
Lora Archer        Treasurer
Stanley Yee        A/Secretary

General Membership:

Steven Tan            Anita Gue        Sarah Robertson
David Alexander        Melissa Pinto

Meeting called to order 6:13 pm

1.    The board members were welcomed to the meeting (N. Awan).
2.    Approval of Minutes of 2016 AGM
a.    A call was made for approval of the minutes dated February 4th, 2016 as distributed
b.    Motion: That the AGM of February 4th, 2016 be approved as presented
c.    Moved: Billy Maltus    Seconded: Stanley Yee
d.    Carried

3.    Presentation of Financial Statement – (L. Archer)
a.     Lora Archer reviewed the Branch financial statement as distributed
b.     The current balance as of February 20th, 2017 was $3,299.33
c.     Motion: That the financial report be accepted as distributed
d.    Moved: David Alexander    Seconded: Anita Gue
e.    Carried

4.    Chairperson's Report – (N. Awan)
a.    There are currently 82 PIPSC members.
b.    There was a successful Lunch and Learn session held at the Greenstone Building on April 13, 2016, where 15-16 members attended and 1 new steward was gained from the Lunch and Learn.

5.    NJC Representative Report – (N. Awan)
c.    Nazim provided an update on the Isolated Post and Government House (IPGH) committee. It was discussed that union dues are increasing, and relocation after retirement is eligible.

6.    Branch Executive
a.    The branch executive is seeking volunteers for more members at large and a communications director.
b.    We need a communications director on the Branch executive to report and communicate calendar events to NWT Branch members.

7.    New Business
a.    The Branch members would like to see PIPSC position on Phoenix pay issues.
b.    It was suggested that PIPSC NWT Branch put together a team for the government bonspiel or National Public Service Week to build fellowship.
c.    Nazim proposed that we collaborate with PSAC on their celebration of International     Women's Day sometime in March.
d.    A Lunch and Learn session sometime in March/April to provide an update on IPGH, understanding your Collective Agreement or Phoenix pay issues and resolution.
e.    The PIPSC Executive Director is visiting Yellowknife in June. It was suggested that the Branch organize an event in conjunction with the visit. A BBQ at Fred Henne Park was suggested as a Branch event to build fellowship and help with engaging other people in the Branch.
f.     Another Branch activity after June. A BBQ for PIPSC members and their family was suggested.

8.    Motion to Adjourn
a.    Meeting declared adjourned at 7:05 pm.