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Lucille Shears

Lucille Shears

Casting your vote in the CS ELECTION is an important Role in forming the CS NATIONAL EXECUTIVE FOR YOUR FUTURE!

Virtual from ST. JOHN’S NL

As a PIPSC CS Member and Steward in the Federal Public Service for 20 plus years I have extensively broadened my knowledge and gained Experience by serving members in almost all aspects of the PIPSC/CS Organization (listed below). This has brought me to a level of confidence to ask you the CS Members’ to give me the Opportunity and Privilege to SERVE you as the Next Vice President of the CS Group.

I know that there will always be challenges in our workplace for members wherever it maybe and the past year has proven this to us all. Just to name a few of these challenges: BARGAINING, REMOTE WORK, ACCOMADATION, FAMILY LIFE BALANCE, SICK LEAVE, CLASSIFICATION and JOB SECURITY… I know it is impossible or wrong to promise to make it a perfect world for my members’ but I can assure you my pleasure comes from when I am able to be part of a resolve that makes a member HAPPY to simply get up each morning and look forward to their place of Profession.

If elected I will work hard for you, continue to have open communication and be the voice for all members concerns at all levels!


• CS Bargaining Team 2 rounds
• CS Proposals Committee
• Member of Contracting out MOA (Guidelines)
• Presently serving on CS National Exec as SubGroup Officer -Contracting out Team- assistant to IT Conversion Portfolio
• Past CS Exec Steward Officer, Membership Officer
• St. John’s CS Sub-Group, presently member at Large, Past President and Vice Chair
• Served on - National Organizing Committee/Regional Organizing Committee (NOC/ROC)
Communication committee between CS bargaining team and CS members.
• Past involvement (UCS) activities including writing and critiquing work descriptions, preparing model work descriptions
• Completed CS Classifications Training, working with IT conversion
• CS Delegate to past CS AGM and PIPSC AGM


• Past Member of PIPSC National Human Rights Committee
• Past Member at Large on PIPSC St. John’s Branch
• Past Member of Atlantic Regional Executive
• Completed PIPSC National Human Rights Training
• Completed PIPSC Employment Equity Training
• Completed Steward 1 and 2 training
• Member on National and Local Consultation Team
• Member on WFA Committee

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio! If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me at shearsl@pipsc.ca or 709-765-8077

Lucille Shears